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HomesportFrance broke its back and bowed to Qatar

France broke its back and bowed to Qatar


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The World Cup in Qatar is a controversial tournament. ranging from bribery to human rights abuses by its hosts. During the construction of the facilities prepared for the World Cup, thousands of workers lost their lives. Homosexual activity can even be punished in this country ¶the death. Fans were forbidden to drink beer in stadiums, also due to local law. And FIFA, in the person of President Gianni Infantino, is doing its best to whitewash Qatar and silence all voices of dissent and criticism. But some representatives do not intend to hide behind the regulations and want to show their opposition to human rights violations. These countries include England, Wales, the Netherlands, Germany and Denmark. The captains of these teams wear captain’s armbands to promote the anti-discrimination campaign.

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When God does not look nor a big party in the middle of Doha

The world’s top teams are openly facing FIFA

Originally, the French also had to get in on the action. But in the end they backed down. “We are going to play in a country that we have to respect,” French Football Federation president Noel Le Graet told L’Equipe. He was supported by team captain Hugo Lloris. – Of course, I have my personal opinion on this matter. I agree with President Noel Le Graet. When we are in France, when we welcome foreigners, we often want them to follow our rules, respect our culture, and I will do the same when I go to Qatar. Then I can agree or disagree with their ideas, but I have to respect that.”

Let’s not confuse politics with sports? It’s politics and the French gave the Qataris the World Cup

It seems like just one gesture, but there’s a lot more behind it. It’s the big politics. The French are not expected to criticize the Qataris, with whom the French government maintains excellent relations. And a lot of this goes back to Nicolas Sarkozy, the former president of France.

In the early 2000s, Qataris began investing in France in almost all sectors of the economy. And Sarkozy’s government made it easier for them. In 2008, tax breaks were granted to Qataris, and in 2012, small but wealthy Qatar was France’s seventh-largest customer. The European country mainly exported Airbus aircraft, but also military fighter jets. in 2009, 80 percent. Of the Qatari military equipment came from France. The French supplied the Qataris with more aircraft over the next several years, and in return they received a massive injection of money into the state budget.

The Qataris responded in kind with more investment. Media, trade, real estate, energy and, of course, sports. The main event of the World Cup in Qatar was November 23, 2010. Sarkozy then organized a meeting attended by the then UEFA President Michel PlatiniSebastien Bazin from Paris Saint-Germain and Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani – heir to the Qatari throne and head of Qatari sports investments. It was at this meeting that Sarkozy was supposed to ask Platini what he and his UEFA colleagues could do for Qatar in terms of awarding the World Cup, according to then-FIFA president Sepp Blatter’s account. Only a few days later, the votes of the four European members of the Executive Committee went to the Qatari candidacy, which kept the World Cup away from the Americans. Six months later, Qatar bought fighter jets from France for more than $14 billion. Platini was to receive money for his sacrifice, and his son became president of the sports equipment manufacturer Burrda. its owner? Qatar Sports Investments. what a coincidence.

FIFA World Cup Fida BenzemaKarim Benzema issued a statement regarding the 2022 World Cup

In 2011, the Qatari club bought Paris Saint-Germain. In turn, beIN Sports acquired the rights transition Ligue 1 matches Sarkozy himself oversaw the takeover. The launch of beIn Sports in France also suited him, because he wanted to weaken the influence of Canal+, which he was having a bad time with.

Macron does not want to politicize sports. Looks like a sad joke

When we remember all this, the words of the current French President Emmanuel Macron are not surprising. I don’t think we should forget sports. Whether it’s climate or human rights, these issues shouldn’t be brought up every time an event happens, but when there is a time. These questions should be asked when rewarding such events Olympic Games or world championships. French President announced on the occasion of the Economic Forum being held in Thailand, I am not with the boycott. These words become even more painful when we realize that they were issued by the Head of State who presented the Declaration of Human Rights to the world in the eighteenth century and who signed in his capital the Universal Declaration of Human Rights adopted by the United Nations.

Macron’s words were ironically and forcefully commented on by the English “Guardian”. Ronald McDonald calls for a global ban on meat sandwiches. Bears condemn tree defecation. David Beckham opposes the morally sterile celebrity industry. In other news, Emmanuel Macron, President of France — yes, France really — declared on the eve of Qatar the World Cup we must keep Politics outside of sports.

“Awarding the World Cup to Qatar was first and foremost an act of political brutality. Qatar 2022 only exists because of politics, ‘soft power’ and the Gulf Cold War. Not only did politics trash the event, it also revolved around the parking lot, emptying the fridge of beer and destroying equipment Stereo. Hands up who really wanted it? Silence means approving corruption and malpractice and throwing words like tolerance and inclusion as great marketing tools. It also gives away a game. Keeping politics out of football? OK. You first “- summed up the English journalists.

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