slag.  Sajfutdinow show in Toruń.  Abator is close to bronze in the PGE Ekstraliga!

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For Nature Solutions, Apator Toruń and Tauron Włókniarz Częstochowa created an interesting scene in the first match for the bronze medal in the PGE Ekstraliga. In Motuarina, the home team won 50:40.

Both teams started the bronze medal competition in a bad mood. As for Nature Solutions KS Apator Toruń, did not take advantage of the weakness of Betard Sparta Wrocław in the semi-final of the PGE Ekstraliga, and after a draw at home, lost away from home 39:51. Częstochowa’s team was defeated in both matches by Platinum Motor Lublin. Before the first battle for third place in the league, it was difficult to pick a favourite.

Sunday’s match at Motuarina Stadium started off brilliantly. In each round of qualifying in the first start series, we saw fleeting races. It is worth noting, among others: Kacper Woryna’s “scissors” over Patrik Dudek in the first race, or Emil Sajfutdinow’s attack in the third race, when he beat Mikkel Michelsen on the outside. However, the guests were in a slightly better mood. Tauron Włókniarz was ahead at 13:11.

The hosts started the second series much better. In the fifth race, they took the first double win of the day, and in the sixth race Sagfutdinov showed his skills again, driving his car after exiting the first corner between Leon Madsen and Jakub Miskowiak. This gave Abator a two-point lead.

Watch the video: PGE Ekstraliga Magazine. Guests: Kowalski, Warena, Zamora [CAŁY ODCINEK]

A moment later, Motuarena was in a state of ecstasy as Victor Lampart and Patrick Dudek carried Michelsen behind them. However, the Dane attacked with great enthusiasm and beat Dudek from a wide distance. They almost finished ahead of the other home team. However, in the end, a 4:2 win in this heat meant that Toruń led the entire match by 23:19.

After a break to settle the track, the emotions did not stop. Oscar Ruminski had a brilliant duel with Maxim Drabek for a point in the eighth round. However, Woryna fell to second place due to a broken clutch chain. The Włókniarz player had to be disqualified, and in the replay Abator won 4: 2. Drabek was then better than Ruminski, but Sivotdinov was the first to cross the finish line.

After the tenth race, the points difference between Apator and Włókniarz was the same, because after the guests’ double victory in the ninth race, the Toruń team responded in the next race. In addition, the guests had other reasons to worry, because Michelsen had suffered two falls in a short period of time. First in the first corner and then in a repeat run on the final lap after charging from the outside.

In the final series of starts before the nominated races, the Czestochowa team earned two points, leaving it four points behind the hosts (41:37). The eleventh race brought a double victory for the Madsen-Drabik pair in a duel with colorless Dudek and Przedpełski. Later, Miskowiak surprised and beat the previously unbeaten Lambert, while in the thirteenth race Sajfutdinow was once again in his own class, overtaking Michelsen on the first lap. Lambart and Reyna had an interesting battle for third place. The tiger emerged victorious.

In the candidate races, Apator clearly outperformed its competitors. First, he won the fourteenth race twice, and in the last race he won 4:2. Miskowiak was not lucky there, his motorcycle was damaged during the fight with Emil Sajvotdinov. The Russian, who has a Polish passport, performed admirably, scoring all the points. The Torun team will go to Czestochowa on Saturday with a 10-point lead and a good chance of getting a bronze medal in the 2023 season!

punctuation marks:

For Nature Solutions KS Apator Toruń – 50 packs.
9. Patrick Dudek – 3 (1,1,0,1)
10. Victor Leopard – 9+1 (2,3,1,1,2*)
11. Robert Lambert – 12 (3,3,3,2,1)
12. Pawel Przybylski – 7+2 (0,2*,2*,0,3)
13. Emil Saghvotdinov – 15 (3,3,3,3,3)
14. Oscar Ruminsky – 1 (sh,-,1)
15. Matthews Affelt – 3 (2,0,1)
16. Krzysztof Lewandowski – 0 (0)

Torun Vokniarz Czestochowa – 40 points.
1. Leon Madsen – 9+1 (0,2,2*,3,2)
2. Jakub Miskowiak – 8+2 (1*,1*,3,3,D)
3. Casper and Reina – 3 (2,1,s,0)
4. Maxim Drabek – 8+1 (3,0,2,2*,1)
5. Mikkel Michelsen – 6 (2,2,sh,2,d)
6. Kajetan Kubik – 5 (3,1,1)
7. Casper Halkiewicz – 1 (1,0,0)
8. Franciszek Karczewski- N.S

Run after run:
1. (59.37) Lambert, Warina, Dodek, Madsen – 4:2 – (4:2)
2. (59.74) Kubik, Affelt, Halkiewicz, Ruminski (Sh) – 2:4 – (6:6)
3. (58.79) Sayvotdinov, Michelsen, Miskowiak, Przydybłski – 3:3 – (9:9)
4. (58.19) Drabek, Leopard, Kubik, Lewandowski – 2:4 – (11:13)
5. (58.33) Lambert, Przydybłski, Worina, Drabek – 5:1 – (16:14)
6. (57.93) Sagvotdinov, Madsen, Miskowiak, Affelt – 3:3 – (19:17)
7. (58.45) Lambart, Michelsen, Dodek, Halkiewicz – 4:2 – (23:19)
8. (58.14) Saivutdinov, Drabek, Ruminski, Worina (w) – 4:2 – (27:21)
9. (58.39) Miskowiak, Madsen, Lambaert, Dodek – 1:5 – (28:26)
10. (58.34) Lambert, Przybylski, Kubik, Michelsen (u) – 5:1 (33:27)
11. (59.26) Madsen, Drabek, Dodek, Przybylski – 1:5 – (34:32)
12. (58.92) Miskowiak, Lambert, Affelt, Halkiewicz – 3:3 – (37:35)
13. (58.63) Saivutdinov, Michelsen, Lambart, Worina – 4:2 – (41:37)
14. (59.21) Przybylski, Lambart, Drabek, Michelsen (D/4) – 5:1 – (46:38)
15. (58.79) Sayvotdinov, Madsen, Lambert, Miskowiak (D/1) – 4:2 – (50:40)

Noncommunicable diseases: 57.93 – Emil Sagfutdinov finished the sixth round
Judge: Pawel Slupski

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