Andrei Tawarovski Viaplay leaves +

Andrzej Twarowski did not want to talk to about his future career. According to our information, he was about to quit his job at Canal+ a few months ago, which will expire at the end of October.

Since the beginning of this season, Twarowski no longer appears on Canal +: he does not comment on matches and does not host the “Her Majesty the Premier League” program.

Starting in November, the journalist is set to comment on Premier League matches at Viaplay.

As we already announced under the sublicense agreement Canal+ will show the two hottest matches from each round in the Premier League for the next three seasons.

All meetings will be available for viewing on Viaplay platformWhich a year ago bought the rights to broadcast these competitions for six seasons in Poland and four other countries. Previously, Canal+ had been offering games for over 25 years.

Andrzej Twarowski with Canal + for over 25 years

Andrzej Twarowski has been associated with Canal+ since the mid-1990s, with a break from fall 2017 to mid-2018, when he co-founded sports internet radio Zapinamy Pasy, which shut down four months after its launch. The name of the radio station comes from the old saying that started broadcasting English Premier League matches over the years.

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In Canal + he also commented on the matches of Ekstraklasa, and in the 2013-18 UEFA Champions League and European League. In “Liga + Extra” for years, he created a duo of hosts with Tomasz Smokowski, and previously co-hosted “League +” and “From the first ball”.

Przemyslav Bychka (He’s been working with Canal+ for 10 years), Adrian Olek, Michael Gotka and Bowie Grabowski.

Last year Canal + Polska with a 1.8% increase in consolidated revenue to PLN 2.45 billion, made a net profit of PLN 120.5 million more than the previous year. The last data on the number of its customers was provided by the company two years ago – in the middle of 2020 it had a total of 2.703 million users (compared to 2.748 million at the end of 2019.

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