slag.  Petard Sparta made the most of the result.  Varied form of platinum motor leaders

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Michal Melnick

On Sunday, Platinum Motor Lublin won 51:39 over Betard Sparta Wrocław in the first final of the PGE Ekstraliga. The guests arrived in a very weakened state and took as much as they could from the score. The home team’s leaders were mixed.

Notes for Petard Sparta Wrocław players.

Piotr Pawlecki 3+. It was not a great performance for the Unija Leszno graduate on the Lublin track. He started six times and made just one three-pointer, trailing rivals Holder, Lindgren and Babor. Given Sparta’s personnel situation, more could have been expected from him.

Connor Bailey 1. The Australian, whose participation was confirmed at the last minute, did not show anything special in Lublin, in addition to being on tape in the first start.

Kasper Andrejewski 1. Like Billy, he couldn’t even catch his opponents’ shots.

Artium Lagota 4+. The second leader of the Wroclaw team, although he made mistakes, especially in the fifth race, when he was the last to reach the finish line. It was clear that he was a bit tired on the track in Lublin, but in the end he scored 12 points.

Watch the video: He’s surprised. He talks about the negativity of Fogo Unia and ZOOleszcz GKM

Daniel Pioli 5+. He proved once again that he feels very good on the Lublin track. He was the clear leader of the Wroclaw club. He had only seen an opponent before him once and it was Frederik Lindgren. He did a great job to make Sparta better in the home and away match.

Kevin Malkiewicz 1. The visiting junior duo in this match certainly did not look like they have in recent matches. Grudziądz Małkiewicz, the borrower of GKM, did not deal at all in Lublin. He did not get into a fight with his rivals, nor did he hit the bar. Maybe he couldn’t handle the pressure of the final.

Bartlomiej Kowalski 1. The biggest disappointment on the part of Sparta. Not long ago, he won MIMP gold on the track in Lublin, and on Sunday he was a shadow of his former self. On Friday at Vojens, during practice before the third SGP2 final, he fell on the track, and after the competition his engine was dismantled because it was no longer suitable for anything.

Notes for Platinum Motor Lublin players.

Jaroslav Hampel 4. The Polish champion captain bid farewell to his fans in a dignified manner at his home stadium. The 41-year-old will leave the Motor ranks after this year’s competition, and only spoiled the final race on Sunday. Earlier he got 10 points as a bonus.

Dominik Cobra 2. This was definitely not appropriate for a Fogo Unia graduate. The 24-year-old was very slow on Sunday. In fact, he only competed in one race, which he won and his teammate followed suit.

Jack holder 3. A terribly mixed performance by the Aussie. He supposedly won by eight points, but in reality he lost to Artyom Lagota only once.

Frederik Lindgren 3+. Like Holder, the Swede’s performance has been very mixed. He was the only one who could defeat Daniel Pioli, and in the 14th round he lost to Piotr Pawlecki.

Bartosz Zmarzlik 3+. It was not the three-time world champion’s day. After the match, he directly said that he was very tired throughout the match and could not find the right settings for the Leblanc surface. Among his rivals, he actually defeated only Paulecki and Lagota, and in the thirteenth round he and Kubira lost 1:5.

Mateusz Cerniak 3. He has had better games this season, although six points and a bonus is a very good result. He won the youth race with a huge advantage.

Bartosz Banpor 3. This 16-year-old proves he has no qualms about entering the world of adult motorcycle racing. And again this season, he drove hard, with power and determination. He particularly impressed in the sixth round where he fought a fierce battle with Piotr Pawlecki for two points.

Kacper Grzelak did not score. He didn’t hit the track even once.

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