Historic European Championship in Poland.  Good news for volleyball fans

Polish Volleyball Federation He came under fire after the International Volleyball Federation did not grant Poland to organize any of next year’s tournaments leggy Nations. We are not partners, not even colleagues. Poland is simply motivated. When the checkout becomes empty, we are not considered at all –She rebounded in the “Przegląd Sportowy” Łukasz Kadziewicz, world runner-up in 2006.

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PZPS chief wanted a pole for the Polish national team coach! “I am remorseful”

A new volleyball event will be organized by the Poles

Everything indicates that the only tournament that Polish fans will be able to watch at home will be the World Volleyball Championship, which will be organized with the Netherlands anyway. Fortunately, the calendar has changed From the European Volleyball Federation. It has already been extended with two new tournaments.

We know when we will meet new coaches for volleyball teams! Now to the most difficult stage

This year, CEV . will present European Championship Men under the age of 22 and women under the age of 21, Poland will organize this first event. Project details are not yet known. However, it is known that the participation of the hosts of the tournament will be guaranteed. The rest of the teams will have to go through the playoffs scheduled for May.

It should be noted that only in December of last year a man was created for men in our country the acting In the U-22 volleyball. Former player Daniel Belinsky, who played in the middle position, became her coach.

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