slag.  OFFICIAL: Jaroslav Humble changes club.  The captain leaves the Platinum Engine

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Michal Melnick

Platinum Motor Lublin defended their title as Polish champions on Sunday, and a moment later the club’s president, Jakub Kepa, confirmed in Canal+’s PGE Ekstraliga magazine that Jaroslaw Hampel would be leaving the team.

-I regret this very much. It is known that these conversations take place earlier. I’m not talking about Garic, but there are other players receiving offers and I had to make a decision early on. It was the hardest decision I’ve ever had to make. We part on good terms. […] I hope Jarek finishes his career at Motor and that our paths cross one day. Jacob Kepa said: I wish him the same level next season as in the playoffs.

-I’m happy to have been part of this great team for four years. Thank you very much, because with every match and season, it has been a pleasure to be part of Motor – added Jaroslav Humble.

In 2020, Jaroslav Hampel was under contract with Fogo Onja Leszno. However, before the PGE Ekstraliga matches started, it became clear that there was no place for him in the team. Then Jacob Kyba, president of Platinum Motor Lublin, offered a helping hand.

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Jaroslav Hampel immediately became the national leader of the Lublin club. In his first season, he had a run-scoring average of 1,848 and became a fan favorite.

In 2022, he won his eighth gold medal in the Polish national team championship with the club, the fifth in a row in his career. The following season, he became the engine leader, and performed very well on the track, especially towards the end of the season. This is evidenced by its best operating point average since 2017.

However, the 2023 season was his last in the colors of Platinum Motor Lublin. Due to the fact that Mateusz Cerniak has reached junior age and Dominik Kubra will no longer be an U24 player, one of the players had to leave the team. The choice fell on Humble. My new employer is Enea Falubaz Zielona Góra.

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