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It was supposed to be a success, and a group came out. In the semi-finals of the PGE Ekstraliga, Tauron Włókniarz Częstochowa lost at home to Platinum Motor Lublin 36:54. Among the hosts, only Leon Madsen did not disappoint.

Notes for players Tauron Włókniarz Częstochowa:

Casper and Rina 1. A match to forget. He was supposed to be one of the leaders of Włókniarz, but he failed all the way. He was like the fifth wheel. In the first race over the distance, Lindgren overtook him, then Woryna didn’t finish a single lap. At first he made a mistake and fell, then hit the conveyor belt. It’s not what it’s supposed to be.

Maxim Drabik 2. The beginning did not bode well for such a failed performance. After two rounds, Drabik had 3 points and a bonus. He wasn’t great at speed, but his score held him back. Then he won only one “eye” and crossed the finish line twice as the last. Much more is expected of a national leader.

Leon Madsen 5+. The only great one that did not disappoint. He managed to defeat Bartosz Zmartzlik after an amazing duel, after which he decided to take the honorary tour. It was one of the few moments of joy for the Czestochowa audience. Madsen confirms at the end of the season that he is at the top of his form. However, his teammates are far from him.

Watch the video: PGE Ekstraliga Magazine. Guests: Krużyński, Lidsey and Dohan

Jacob Meskowiak +1. Much depends on it. It was a bad game, and he was losing positions by distance. It is true that he beat two of his competitors, but they were both young motorists. He ended the match with three points on his account. More is required of him.

Mikkel Michelsen 2+. He was supposed to be one of the captains of the team. On paper it was – after all, it was only Madsen who did better – but the leadership left a lot to be desired. The Dane did not win any races, and finished with 9 points from 6 starts. The fans are slowly getting impatient with him, but they must count on Michelsen to deliver a much better performance in the new season.

Kasper Halkiewicz 1+. He returned to the lineup, but failed in his junior heat and rode wide. Later on, he got a single flash when he reached ‘Eyes’. But that was his only point in the match.

Francis Karczewski 1. He found himself in the starting line-up, but after the match the fans asked: “Why?”. In the junior race, he lost a point to Bartosz Babur in the finish, and in the second race he was the rear. Until recently, the player was considered a great talent. But Ekstraliga brutally checked him out.

Cajetan Dealer 2. He appears on the track once and easily defeats Kacper Grzelak. He showed that he should be given more opportunities to ride.

Notes for Platinum Motor Lublin riders:

Jaroslav Hampel 5+. Few expected this. Humble was the motor leader and finished the game with 13 points and a bonus. Only once was he forced to admit the superiority of his opponent, and it was Leon Madsen. He impressed everyone: start, speed and efficiency. Is it really possible to delete the former vice world champion? This match showed the car activists that it was worth betting on Humble.

Dominic Cobra 5. After two rounds, he only had two points on his account. However, it was beyond Czestochowa’s reach. And he finished the match with 10 «points» and confirmed that he is a very strong point in the Polish champion.

Frederick Lindgren 5. He started poorly, but outpaced Woryna in the distance. Then it got better and better with each round. Confirmation of this was the thirteenth race, in which the Swede won by a large margin. After this meeting in Czestochowa, they may regret replacing Lindgren with Michelsen.

Bartosz Jaworski, no note. He wasn’t driving.

Bartosz Zmartslik 5. Fourteenth world champion? It just goes to show how strong Motor Lublin was on Saturday night. Zmarzlik on the Częstochowa track felt like a fish in water. He had the most beautiful duel of the day, in which he had to admit Madsen’s superiority.

Bartosh Banpur 4. Way to go! In the junior race, the 16-year-old took a point from Franciszek Karczewski. What he did next deserves a standing ovation. Bańbor released the clutch and raced for three points. Then he appeared on the track twice more, but he reached the finish line at the end of the set. This good result shows that Banbour may be the leader of Motor’s youth formation next season.

Casper Grzylac 2. He appeared on the track twice and won a point over the disqualified Woryna. But this round he got off the strip well and defended himself against Drabek’s attacks for three and a half laps.

Matthews Cernyak 2. Only four points, three of which are in the junior race. We demand more from the world champion in the under-21 category.

Grading scale:
6 – formidable
5 – very good
4 – good
3- Average
2 – Weak
1- Very weak

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