slag.  Jason Doyle said goodbye to Wilkie Crosnow.  Strong words at the end

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Cellfast Wilki Krosno finished the season in the PGE Ekstraliga. Benjaminek failed to stay in the elite, and that means parting time. On Wednesday, Andrei Lebedev confirmed his departure from the club, and on Thursday Jason Doyle addressed his farewell words to the fans.

Cellfast Wilki Krosno quite unexpectedly advanced to the PGE Ekstraliga, after which activists from Podkarpacie did a lot to maintain the status of a non-league player for just over a year. Last winter’s event was undoubtedly the transfer of Jason Doyle, who broke away from the bosom of Fogo Onia Leszno, although the Australian had earlier given his word to the “Byków” helmsmen that he would stay at the club from Wielkopolska.

Doyle alternated between good and weak moments and finished the 2023 season with a 1.987 average. Undoubtedly, it could have been better, as well as the season presented by Cellfast Wilków Krosno, which in the end did not remain among the best. After the last meeting, the former world champion decided to say a few words to the fans from Podkarpacie.

“We finished the season with a win. Thank you to the club and the fans for the tremendous support this season. I’m shocked it ended like this. I know people will say very bad things about the track in Krosno, but the club has been very professional throughout this period. It gave me the time to spend in Wilkie Lots of fun,” Doyle wrote on social media, confirming his departure from Krosnow.

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“I’m sure Wolves will return to the PGE Ekstraliga in the future. Thank you for all the great memories. Good luck in 2024!” – added.

Doyle’s parting words did not come as a surprise. As reported by WP SportoweFakty, the former world champion has known his future in Polish competitions for some time. Once it became clear that Cellfast Wolves were seeing off PGE Ekstraliga, the 37-year-old reached an agreement with ZOOleszcz GKM Grudziądz.

However, fans in Krosno should prepare for a squad revolution. On Wednesday, Andrei Lebedev confirmed his departure from the club after three seasons. The Latvian also intends to stay in the PGE Ekstraliga, and the main candidate for his contract is Fogo Unia Leszno.

Vaclav Milik will certainly remain in this year’s squad for Sylvester Wilkie.

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