Hervé Renard is looking for a stronger representation.  Will knock on ... Poland?  Polish representation

Hervé was one of the first champions in the Qatar World Cup Renard. Which is not surprising, because Saudi Arabia sensationally beat Argentina 2-1 on Sabah Al Khair, and his speech rallying the players at half-time, when Argentina were on top, was a huge hit online.

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– What are we doing here?! Is this journalism?! Should I give you a phone to take pictures of Messi? You have to pressure him and not let him play. click on it! Immediately, Saab! Don’t pretend! Respect the fans, that’s what they are World ChampionshipAnd there are 60,000 of them. If we had the ball, not only would we equalize, we could do more. Don’t you feel it? shouted Renard.

the next day matches However, Saudi Arabia lost 0-2 to Poland and 1-2 to Mexico, finishing last in Group C. And Renard was appreciated anyway. What’s more, before the World Cup, no one had any doubts that the Frenchman is a great professional. Renard has proven himself well in Africa – in 2012 he won the continental championship with Zambia, and three years later with Ivory Coast. Now he wants to take the next step.

– I am conservative by nature and try to keep my feet on the ground, to be modest. However, I know that sometimes it feels good to say something out loud. To be honest, I have to say that I feel strong enough to lead a stronger national team – revealed the Frenchman, who has been working with Saudi Arabia since 2019, at “RMC”.

Renard did not specify where he would like to work, or reveal what he would like to achieve.

– If I remain a selector and not a club coach, my goal will be to participate in as many World Cups as possible. This is the most magical event that can happen to a coach. The World Cup, not the Champions League. I met Bora Milutinović once [były selekcjoner m.in. Meksyku oraz Nigerii – red.], which the younger generation may not know, and I asked him: “Coach, how many World Cups have you been to?” Five answered. And something happened in my head. I thought I wanted to get close to him. “I have two,” said Renard, who led Morocco in the 2018 World Cup in Russia.

Jerome Rothen, a former Monaco footballer and today an RMC expert, asked Renard about the rumors linking him to the Belgian national team, and whether he would take over the French national team after Didier Deschamps. The Saudi coach answered modestly: “Let’s be serious.”

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Maybe Reynard will take over Poland?

Reynard did not get a question about Poland, but who knows, maybe such a topic will come up. There are many indications that the current coach of the White-Red Chislau machinewich will leave the team. According to media reports, President Cesare Colizza is looking for a new candidate, and candidates for the union are already applying. Maybe Colezza should go to Reynard, who has Polish roots? His mother was born in France, after Hervé Renard’s grandmother—nee Cebulska—escaped from World War II. Mukhtar has repeatedly said that he would like to work in Poland. I feel affection for her because of her grandmother and her mother.

According to the media, his earnings are about 1.5 million euro annually.

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