slag.  In Opole he was a leader in times of indifference.  Sad end to life

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Lukas Wiczek

Karol Lis is one of the club legends for Kolejarz Opole fans. He spent seventeen years on the team and was one of the second line players. He lived 42 years. You are free.

Although he was born on March 20, 1959, Karol is not associated with Kolejarz Opole, but he is not a student of this club. He began his motorcycle racing career at the age of only 20, passing his licensing exam in the colors of Gwardia Łódź. Perhaps he would have stayed longer in this club, but in 1980 he stopped working. The players, including Liz, had to look for a new employer.

The legend of the time of Marsmus

She chose Lisa Obol. At the time, Kolejarz’s colors were represented by many very good riders and the highway racer had to wait patiently for his chance. At first he was a reserve and in the first season in the Opole team he drove only three races.

But during training, he was impressed by his diligent spirit, which quickly gave him a chance. Already in the next season he was a sure point for the team. He never fell below a certain level and the coaching staff could always count on him. He was a strong competitor in the second row, although he had some great seasons, finishing averaging more than 2 points per race.

He was loyal to his club and enjoyed great sympathy from the fans. In the 1990s, Kolejarz did not fare well. There was not enough money for everything, and Liz was promoted from second line player to the role of national leader. He finished games with an average of 1,600-1,700 points per half.

The club changed hands only once

Those were the years of complete indifference on the Obol highway. However, Lees was dedicated to the team, and there were matches when half of the team started out on his motorcycle. Fans still remember one of the matches in 1997, when Liz went to the presentation with a broken leg. Not only that, but he drove in one race. Admittedly, only until entering the first arc. He did it just so his club would not be lost.

The Fox Club changed hands only once. In 1995 he moved to JAG Speedway Lodz. There, however, he did not make much noise and returned to Opole, where he was again the captain and captain of the team. He retired after the 1998 season. Then he was approaching his 40th birthday.

He did not have individual successes, but he was one of the longest riding in Kolejarz’ colors. He appeared in 223 games, and rode in 945 runs. The balance of points is 1429, in addition to 85 rewards.

sad ending

The fox remained with malice. He still works at Kolejarz, where he was a coach. He worked with young players and had the makings of a great coach. Unfortunately, he also suffered from private problems. He could not find a solution to his family issues.

Carol Lees passed away on August 26, 2001. He was only 42 years old. You are free. In Opole, they still regret this sad end of the legendary motorcyclist.

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