Interesting suggestion from Adam Małysz.  “what do you think?”  And then smile
  • Alexander Stoeckel talks about the reasons behind the poor level of Norwegian jumpers. During the final training camp of the new season, the Poles confused them a little. The coach commented: “We were stronger than them.”
  • The Austrian is surprised when he talks about the poverty prevailing in the Norwegian Union. We have few resources, but we are trying to use them as best as possible, as we hear
  • When we ask about Adam Misch’s display, the coach smiles eloquently
  • More information can be found at Przegląd Sportowy Onet

Why did the Norwegians, Poles and Slovenes start the season worse than the Germans and Austrians?

I don’t know.


It’s something you can never be sure of. Naturally, there is some speculation about the new measurements. The only thing I can say is that all our players who participated in the World Cup achieved the same results as in previous competitions. That’s all I know.

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