slag.  Bermuda Stal Gorzów came back from a long trip and saved the tie

Bermuda Stahl already lost 26:34, but at the end of the match with Włókniarz Częstochowa saved a 45:45 draw. However, it is the Lech Kędziora team that looks closer to the PGE Ekstraliga final.

Maciej Kmiecik

Bartosz Zmarzlik (yellow helmet), Bartosz Smektaa in the background

WP SportoweFakty / Patryk Kowalski / Pictured: Bartosz Zmarzlik (yellow helmet), Bartosz Smektała in the background

Wókniarz last lost in mid-June. Since the defeat at Grudziądz, he has achieved a string of seven consecutive victories. He was stopped by My Bermuda Stal Gorzów in the middle of the road, which did not defeat the opponent, but stopped the streak of victories for the inhabitants of Czestochowa.

Lech Kudziora’s patience ran out on Jonas Jepsen in the previous match. In Gurzuf, also from the start of the match, coach Włókniarz Częstochowa appointed the youngsters to fight, with results. In the fourth race, club juniors from Chistochova defeated Oscar Baloch and Wiktor Jasinsky twice. In the case of the also uneven Danish hosts, Patrick Hansen was replaced by Wiktor Jasiński from the start of the match. Here, however, the point effect was not from My Bermuda Stal Gorzów.

In the sixth race, the first showdown took place between the two leading motorcyclists of the 2022 SGP course. Bartosz Smärzlike won the start, but Leon Madsen drove himself wide, then hit the curb at the entrance to the second arc who stunned Smerzlik. The Dane won with the pole, and Włókniarz regained the lead.

Watch the video for PGE Ekstraliga magazine. Termiski, Holloway and Majewski are Musiał . guests

The world champion doubled and tripled, but could not catch Madsen from a distance. The prosecution on Friday evening in Cankars was a drug. The final races of the competition were an exception.

In the eighth race, Bartosz Smmarzlik left the start poorly, losing 1:5 in half a lap with Mateusz Schwednicki, Kakper and Warina. The leader of the inhabitants of Gorzów was able to overcome the latter, but this was not enough for the young Włókniarz. Surprisingly, not to mention that the sensation became a reality and the guests increased the advantage to four points.

In the ninth race, Patrick Hansen got his first chance. The Dane resisted and left good artistic impressions, but there were no more points for the inhabitants of Gorzow.

When Bartosz Smarzlik, who was a substitute for a competitor in Race 10, lost a double with Martin Vaculik, Gorzow’s fans rubbed their eyes in amazement. Two-time world champion Fredrik Lindgren led into the gang, after which the leader of Stahl was not able to do anything. There was no racing on such a surface, and the overtaking was only due to the mistakes of the competitors. Miśkowiak and Lindgren did nothing and dramatically defeated the Stal 5:1 leaders. Włókniarz was winning 34:26 after ten races.

Only in the twelfth race did Martin Vaculik break from third to the lead, making his first effective charge to the plate in this match. Włókniarz was ahead in this race 5:1, and finally lost 2:4, because Mateusz Schwednicki, who was riding third, fell on the last curve. The young man’s mistake had serious consequences, because in the end the guests could not win the point.

The following points were scored by Stal in race 13, where Bartosz Zmarzlik finally rode his way. At a distance of two points, Szymon Woźniak lost very quickly previously. Before the nominated rounds, the hosts lost 37:41. Włókniarz has been in the lead, but has had no juniors in recent races, who have driven five times in the main series.

The best contestant among the hosts was Szymon Woźniak, who finished the competition with 15 points and a bonus, and in the last inning won twice with Zmarzlik, saving the tie for Gorzów players. Steele tore the draw of three contenders and the least contributing junior undefeated youth with their encounter at Włókniarz. Włókniarz was on the verge of winning, although the match in Gorzów did not fully go out to Kacper Woryna. However, the Chistochova junior club went brilliantly and made a huge difference.

Although it was Moggi Bermuda Stall Gorzo who ended up in a tie in this match, the favorites in the pair are still Czestochowa, who should seal their promotion to the final on their track.

punctuation marks:

My Stal Gorzów Bermuda shorts – 45 points
9. Szymon Woźniak – 15 + 1 (1*,1,3,3,3,1,3)
10. Patrick Hansen – 0 (-, -, 0.0, -, 0)
11. Martin Vaculik – 12 (2,1,3,0,3,3)
12. Anders Thomsen – 0 ()
13. Bartosh Zmerzlik – 13 + 1 (3,2,2,1,3,2*)
14. Oscar Baloch – 2 (2.0.0)
15th. Mateusz Bartkoviak – 2 + 1 (1*, 0.1)
16. Wiktor Jasiński – 1 (1.0) Włókniarz Częstochowa – 45 points
1. Leon Madsen – 10 (3,3,2,2,0)
2. Bartosh Smecta – 6 + 1 (0.1,1 *, 2.2)
3. Kacper Woryna – 2 + 1 (0,0,1,0,1 *)
4. Jonas Jepsen – 0 (-, -, -, -)
5. Fredrik Lindgren – 8 + 2 (2.1*, 2*, 2.1)
6. Jacob Mikoviak – 12 + 1 (3,3,2,3,1*)
7. Matthews Schwednecki – 7 + 1 (0.2 *, 2.3, u)
8. Cajetan Kubik – 0 ()

Running after running:
1. (59.54) Madsen, Vaculik, Woźniak, Woryna – 3:3 – (3:3)
2. (59.19) Mikoviak, Baloch, Bartkoviak, Udneki – 3:3 – (6:6)
3. (58.90) Zmarzlik, Lindgren, Vaculik, Smektaa – 4: 2 – (10: 8)
4. (59.48) Miśkowiak, Świdnicki, Jasiński, Baloch – 1:5 – (11:13)
5. (60.06) Vaculik, Mikoviak, Winniak, and Lorena – 4:2 – (15:15)
6. (59.53) Madsen, Zmerzlik, Smecta, Bartkoviak – 2:4 – (17:19)
7. (60.00) Woźniak, widnicki, Lindgren, Jasiński – 3:3 – (20:22)
8. (60.98) Świdnicki, Zmarzlik, Woryna, Paluch – 2:4 – (22:26)
9. (60,54) Woźniak, Madsen, Smektaa, Hansen – 3:3 – (25:29)
10. (60.80) Miśkowiak, Lindgren, Zmarzlik, Vaculik – 1:5 – (26:34)
11. (60.88) Woźniak, Madsen, Miśkowiak, Hansen – 3:3 – (29:37)
12. (60.99) Vaculik, Smecta, Bartkoviak, Świdnicki (u) – 4: 2 – (33:39)
13. (60, 43) Zimmerzlik, Lindgren, Winniak, Lorena – 4:2 – (37:41)
14. (60.84) Vaculik, Smecta, Warina, Hansen – 3:3 – (40:44)
15th. (60.66) Woźniak, Zmarzlik, Lindgren, Madsen – 5:1 – (45:45)

Judge: Krzysztof Mizzi

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