Lillehammer Ski Jumping 2023: What time does Raw Air Thursday start?

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Wednesday’s introduction was the introduction to the competition in Thursday’s competition. It was won by Anzhi LanisekAnd Stoch, who finally finished fourth, also did a great job. Pole made a jump close to perfection, and received a dream note for elegance from one of the judges – 20 points.

This is what we reported on Wednesday in LILLEHAMMER at EUROSPORT.PL >>>

Daoud Kobacki finished the competition in seventh place. This is important, because he and Stitch exist The top ten of the Raw Air tournament.

Ski Jumping Lillehammer 2023: When is the competition date today?

Will the Poles also prove their good behavior in the same competition? answer from At 16.30, when the first series begins.

place player (country)
1. Halvor Egner Granrod (Norway) 1311.2
2. Stefan Kraft (Austria) 1288.9
3. Anze Lanisek (Slovenia) 1258.7
4. Timmy Zajk (Slovenia) 1238.5
5. Johan Andre Forfang (Norway) 1238.1
6. Karl Geiger (Germany) 1234.8
7. Dawid Kobacki (Poland) 1229.1
8. Ryoyu Kobayashi (Japan) 1223.2
9. Daniel Choving (Austria) 1222.6
10. Kamil Stoch (Poland) 1217.6
17. Pyotr Zilla (Poland) 1023
27. Pawel Wasek (Poland) 921.6
37. Aleksander Znieczkull (Poland) 692.4
41. jAkop Wolny (Poland) 647.8

Raw Air 2023 schedule:


Thursday, March 16th
16.30 – the first series of the individual competition


Friday, March 17th
17.00 – Qualifications

Saturday 18 March
16.30 – the first series of the individual competition

Sunday 19 March
14.30 – Qualifications
16.00 – the first series of the individual competition

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