We know the composition of the Polish national team.  Marcin Legowski revealed his papers

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Dominica Bulik

Marcin Levski summoned 21 players to the training camp, which will begin at the end of next October in Štıcerk, then to play friendly matches with Hungary.

The handball players are scheduled to report on the afternoon of October 29 in Štcherek. The group of 21 people will train there until November 3. Two friendly matches against Hungary are scheduled after that. The first match will be held in Szeged, and the next day the teams will move to Bekissaba.

Kamil Cibrzak and Arkadiusz Moretto – these two names cannot be found among the invitations. – Kamil was not among the list of selected players for family reasons. We are in constant contact and decided with the technical staff not to call Kamel up for the next training camp, but of course he is still in the team. However, Adam Murawski and his wife are waiting for the birth of their child, and the due date comes during the training camp, so I don’t want to deprive anyone of these wonderful moments – explained Marcin Lewski (quote from zprp.pl).

– First of all, I am very happy that we were able to organize our next training camp. The EHF calendar is very tight and we don’t have much time to train together, so I am very grateful for the opportunity to organize our training camp,” the coach added.

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Lijewski wants to test as many players as possible in Szczyrk. – Thanks to the cooperation of ZPRP with other federations, we will be able to play the tournament in Sweden, where our B team will face the host (Sweden B) and Norway B, and at the same time the first team will play two rounds. -Friendly match against Hungary. This will be one of the last selections and everything is still open about which players will go to the European Championship in January.

Composition of the Polish national team:

  • Encore Bartlomage – HSC 2000 Coburg (Germany)
  • Czaplinski Mikowai – CDT Torrebalonmano (Spain)
  • Chawara Jan – No club affiliation (from October 29 to November 3)
  • Daszek Michał – SPR Wisła Płock SA
  • Dawidzik Dawid – SPR Wisła Płock SA
  • Działiewicz Szymon – SC Peczejd (HUN)
  • Gibala Maciej – SC DHfK Leipzig (Germany)
  • Jędraszczyk Piotr – KPR GO SA
  • Komarzowski Krzysztof – AEK Athens (GRE)
  • Kornicki Matthews – TSV Eisenach (Germany)
  • Moreto Arcadius – KS VIVE Handball Kielce SA
  • Olejniczak Michał – KS VIVE Handball Kielce SA
  • Osowski Arcadius – HSC 2000 Coburg (Germany)
  • Patrick Powell – KS SPR “Chrobry” SA
  • Petrasek Ariel – Kadets Schaffhausen (Switzerland)
  • Przetula Damian – Gornik Zabrze Belka Reczna SA
  • Sekou Simon – KS VIVE Handball Kielce SA
  • Skrzeniarz Jacob – Bidasoa Irun (Spain)
  • Chuck Patrick – Sporting Lisbon (Portugal)
  • Wałach Miłosz – KS VIVE Handball Kielce SA
  • Wiaderny Szymon – KS VIVE Handball Kielce SA
  • Employee training:

    Legowski Marcin – Head Coach
    Skorski Michel, assistant coach
    Wichary Marcin – Collaborating coach
    Wicha Łukasz – Motor preparation coach
    Sulej Jasek – Team Manager
    Juras Wojciech – Doctor
    Buczak Jerzy – Physiotherapist
    Kiedrowski Bartosz – Physiotherapist
    Murdaka Philip – Physiotherapist
    Adamska Polina – statistic

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