Sims 5 coming?  Maxis should take care of these things

When it comes to The Sims brand, it's hard to care about video games and not relate to them at the same time. No matter how you look at it, in this case we are dealing with something really large-scale, and at the same time operating in the collective recipient's consciousness for many years. The first part of the series debuted in 2000, which means that in just a few months we will be able to celebrate a quarter of a century!

During this time, of course, many products have appeared under this banner – from the main four, through numerous spin-offs, and even the infamous add-ons, several of which have appeared at least every year in recent years. One thing is certain – today we are talking about sizes that many other series can envy. In fact, I'm convinced that Electronic Arts recognizes the power they have.

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With all this in mind (and also remember that the final full installment was released in 2014), you can't be surprised by how eagerly awaited The Sims 5 – or as the code name says – Project Rene has been. Recently, there have been more and more leaks and reports, so it is worth dealing with this topic. Let me show you ten things the Maxis crew should pay attention to if they are looking for another success. We encourage you to read!

open world

Let's start with the most awaited thing among fans, the open world. Many believe that the move to a lesser degree of openness on the occasion of the fourth full batch was a step in a very wrong direction. This is an ideal opportunity to learn from mistakes, draw appropriate conclusions and serve what players are waiting for. I think it would add a lot to the issue of real life simulation.


If the world becomes more open, it would be nice to be able to move around it differently than by teleportation or on foot. Sure, the environment is important, but the lack of any cars driving down the streets effectively breaks the immersion. The good news is that in the map leaks (even though we're talking about an early version) we can see a lot of vehicles parked on sidewalks. I am optimistic.

Some areas to start with

It has long been known that one of the most important aspects of every major expansion for The Sims is new locations. I even think they're driving sales aggressively. So I take into account that we still have to deal with this, but… I think that initially – at the base price of the game – we will get more “worlds” than just the base world. At least three different options and the potential of the game itself increases.

No microtransactions

Two paragraphs ago, I mentioned the issue of leaks in cars? Well, those were positive reports. Unfortunately, there are also those who suggest introducing micropayments. And I'm afraid the combination of paid add-ons and microtransactions is deadly. I believe that Electronic Arts will approach the problem rationally and will not decide to take such a stupid step.

Edit characters

Moving forward – we can't forget the Character Editor, which is an essential part of every Sims part. In fact, just like the new locations, additional character customization options are an important element of all DLC released. So I really hope that a decade after its predecessor, Maxis will prepare us something more comprehensive and more detail-oriented.

Extensive family history

Since I mentioned expansion, let me also mention another kind of it – that which relates to the context of the families around us. When we move to any plot in any world in the game, we are surrounded by neighbors – and they come from all kinds of families. Unfortunately, since The Sims 2, there has been significantly less creative input into its creation. Maybe it's time to hit rock bottom a little?

Playable professions

It's hard for me to imagine something more annoying in The Sims than a job that practically turns out to be a “rabbit hole” (a place where our character arrives and with which we lose touch for a certain period of time). It seems like it could be better structured and at least offer as many career paths as can be played in the base version. Maybe like mini games? Would love to see this option!


When playing The Sims 4 – especially as a family for a long time – our characters participate in different events. It would be great if we could instill more awareness and memories in them. You know, remember some special situations that happened and don't act after a while as if nothing happened at all. I don't think it would be a big problem these days.

More freedom in construction

You know how it is with games like this – what the developers won't do, the modders will do. And that's the case with “The Sims” almost every time. So maybe it's time to draw appropriate conclusions in this regard and add a little of your own input? As with many other items, leakage here is also positive. And let's hope so, because the freedom to furnish, build and transform a space is a starting point!

Disease system

But very decent – on a large scale. After all, we live in a time of increasing health awareness, and different types of diseases are something we face every day. So why don't we focus on it more in the game? And I do not mean the common cold, but various types of mental conflicts, severe cases and recovery periods that are much closer to the real thing.

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