Callisto Protocol – Striking Distance brings another update.  New game-changing options

It was meant to be the spiritual successor to Dead Space (whose former members were on board, after all), but a lot of things didn’t work out along the way. Criticism was directed not only at the killer optimization, but also at the lack of content. However, the project was not abandoned by the publishers, who clearly still hoped that their investment would pay off. Hence, the developers keep adding more gameplay related improvements.

Striking Distance update 5.01 introduces the Callisto protocol, adding, for example, a Dismemberment mode, as well as an option that allows you to skip cut scenes.

Callisto Protocol - Striking Distance brings another update.  New game-changing options [1]

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One of the most popular gameplay aspects of the first Dead Space – whose remake celebrated its triumphs earlier this year – was the excellent limb-slashing system. Well, the creators of the Callisto protocol are presented in the latest to update Split mode, which will allow you to instantly dismember the enemy with arrows or blows. Since it changes the game in a way that is beneficial to the player, playing this mod makes it impossible to get any kind of rewards or achievements. This is definitely an option intended for the second game. Unless you don’t care about achievements.

Callisto Protocol - Striking Distance brings another update.  New game-changing options [2]

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Furthermore, all scenes in Callisto Protocol can now be skipped. Well, all of that, and especially the previously mentioned amputations, could have been performed much earlier — at least as an alternative. After all, we are talking about a team that gave life to the Dead Space series. Either way, we can soon expect announcements of more expansions or updates to improve the game. Striking Distance has announced that there will be more content by August.

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