Should Judi Dench end her career?  “I can’t even see anymore!”

Judi Dench She is one of the most famous actresses of British origin. She has starred in a large number of films He has been nominated for Academy Awards several timesShe received a statuette for her role in the film “Shakespeare in love”winner of multiple BAFTA Awards and Golden Globes.

She was appreciated for her roles in the films “Belfast”, “Mrs. Henderson”, A Many remember the actress thanks to the role of M in the James Bond films.

Recently, Judi Dench said so He has no intention of ending his career. Due to vision problems, the actress had to depend on others.

“Someone always comes and reads it to me. It’s usually my daughter, my agent or one of my friends. I really like it because I can sit down and imagine the whole thing,” she said a while ago.

I talked about illness from a distanceHe recalls funny situations. In an interview she gave years ago, she recalled a situation that occurred during the filming of 2015’s “Branagh Theater Live: The Winter’s Tale.”

“A few years ago we were filming ‘The Winter’s Tale’ with Kenneth Branagh, in which I played Paulina. And at the end I was giving a long speech about his character. I remember that after about three weeks of rehearsals at the Garrick Theater, Kenneth said to me: ‘Judy, if You could move about two meters to the right, You were going to say that line to me, not the wall‘. “I really hope people in similar situations will teach me,” Dench admitted.

In recent days, Judi Dench attended the Chelsea Flower Show, where she was asked about upcoming premieres with her participation. The 89-year-old actress denied her recent participation in new projects. She admitted it directly:

The disease seems to have progressed significantly recently and working on set has become impossible even with the help of loved ones. However, that doesn’t mean it’s not busy. He is currently focusing on promoting the book Shakespeare: The Man Who Pays the Rent, and he and Giles Brandreth will take viewers on a journey down theatrical memories.

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