Shocking words from a Russian.  ”If you want to kill the Jews…” – o2

Alexander Cook is a journalist from Russia. He works for the famous Russian tabloid “Komsomolskaya Pravda” and runs the “Kotsnews” channel on Telegram (hundreds of thousands of people follow him there).

Cook is a supporter of the war in Ukraine, and his stance has been appreciated by Putin. He was even awarded the Order “For Merit to the Fatherland”, 2nd class.

As reports, Cook is a member of the Human Rights Council, an advisory body affiliated with the Russian president. It is worth emphasizing that after the start of the war in Ukraine, Putin removed from the Council those members who openly expressed doubts about the war, and brought in more loyal people who would spread Kremlin propaganda and say what Putin wanted to hear.

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In 2022, Koch argued, for example, that the Ukrainian massacre was The civilian population in Bucha was organized by Kiev.

The pro-Putin journalist continues to shock. He posted another scandalous entry on Telegram.

The promoter’s words were commented on by RBC journalist Denis Kazansky on the X website. – Yes, these are the people who call themselves “anti-fascists” and claim to be “denazifying” Ukraine.”

Cook’s shock entry points to recent events – Sunday (October 29) In the evening, angry crowds stormed Makhachkala Airport, the capital of Dagestan, to prevent Israeli passengers from getting off the plane.

Footage appeared on social media showing crowds running along the runway And storming the technical and service rooms. Those gathered also climbed onto the roof of the machine.

Similar scenes also occurred in other parts of Russia. Radio Swoboda reported In Khasavyurt, local residents gathered in front of the Flamingo and Kiev hotels, demanding the evacuation of “refugees from Israel” allegedly staying there.

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