Kim Jong-un demands more tractors to solve ‘food problems’

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un visited a tractor factory and called for increased production of agricultural machinery to help solve the country’s chronic “food problem,” state media reported this week.

Visit Komsung Tractor Factory, Kim expressed satisfaction with the large-scale renovation carried out at the factory, but said he found “some problems” after closely examining the production lines.

The factory visit comes because North Korea mainly imports tractors from China Kim ordered the production increase during his last visit to the factory in 2017.

Kim said the factory has achieved automation of its main production lines, and aims to develop and produce modern tractors and agricultural machinery in larger quantities, the official North Korean news agency reported.

Korean Central News Agency

Kim Dzong Un

The dictator added that a radical step forward in increasing the production of agricultural machinery Is the most pressing issue in solving the food problem And that this is the highest priority in building a strong country.

The DPRK leader also sought to reassure the public about the efforts being made To solve agricultural problems through a series of on-site inspections – a rarity since the start of the 2020 pandemic – on farmland affected by floods in recent weeks.

Kim’s latest visit to the factory came less than a day before North Korea failed to launch a military satellite for the second time, which is likely to increase the cost of the country’s military development once again.

Source: NK News

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