Xbox prohibits “unauthorized accessories.”  Error 0x82d60002 after connecting an unofficial board

It seems very likely that Microsoft will no longer tolerate the use of unofficial and unauthorized accessories while gaming on Xbox. At the beginning of November, devices will begin to be banned, which will affect part of the gaming community.

The Windows Central editorial staff received a letter, the content of which can be read by many fans of console games today. If you don’t pay attention to the additional Xbox hardware you purchase, you may encounter the error “0x82d60002”.

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Microsoft kicked off this generation by introducing a new label for accessories — “Designed for Xbox” — which made it clear that green-badged hardware would work great on Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One.

So far, the American manufacturer has not reacted when customers access “unauthorized devices.” However, everything will change on November 12, because when you connect an unofficial console or SSD drive, you will receive the following message.

Online extension is not supported. The use of unauthorized accessories worsens the game quality. For this reason, unauthorized use of the accessory will be prohibited on December 11, 2023. For assistance in returning it, please contact the store it came from or contact the manufacturer. To view supported accessories, visit (0x82d60002).

The changes will affect many recipients, but also the manufacturers themselves, who are not yet sure about obtaining a license from Microsoft. Brook Gaming has already issued a statement about this.

Dear players, we express our sincere appreciation for your unwavering support and interest in Brooke. We feel it is necessary to provide you with basic information regarding our Xbox-related products that may face disruptions in the near future. We’ve recently received feedback from players regarding using these products on Xbox consoles (latest OS version 10.0.25398.2266 released on October 16) while playing online. You may receive an error message: “The connected extension is not supported.” We are very sorry for any inconvenience this may cause you. Brook’s engineering team is fully committed to developing a solution that maintains product quality and functionality. Please be assured that we will spare no effort in identifying potential solutions. When more updates are available, we will notify you immediately via our official social media platforms.

Microsoft will likely change its policy with subsequent hardware certification, as Windows Central reports that the manufacturer will now offer licenses for wireless controllers, which has not been possible until now. Only one external board has appeared on the market (PowerA MOGA XP-Ultra), which is marked “Designed for Xbox” and has the option to connect to Xbox consoles without a cable.

We don’t know the official list of “banned” devices yet, but if you’re using unofficial consoles, arcade machines, headsets, or even SSDs, you may face some difficulties in the near future.

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