She made her debut with the role of Angela in Pasikowski's movie "Psy".  What's going on with Agnieszka Jaskółka?

Before appearing on the screens, she worked as a host. Lydia Popeil, wife Boguslav LindaThe one who played the main role in the movie “Dogs”, did a photo shoot and showed the picture to the director. Pasikowski immediately decided to invite her to the casting for a unique female role.

The role of Angela Wiens brought her fame. The girl had an extraordinary talent

Debuting in the moviedogShe was only 17 years old, although some sources say she was 14. Although she had never been in contact with a camera before, she won acting, receiving the role of orphanage ward, Angela Wiens. I played along Boguslav Linda And the Brand Kondrat.

The character created by a young and inexperienced girl delighted viewers and film critics. allegedly Pasikovsky Discover your outstanding acting talent. “I was a very young girl, but I tried to approach the acting task with the professionalism and maturity that was expected of me at that time. I had a big chance in life and I didn’t want to miss it, – she said in an interview. Her role in “dog” Appreciated at 17. festival Polish films Feature Film Festival in Gdynia, where Jaskóka received the award for Best Supporting Female Role. Despite the opportunity to make a huge career, the aspiring actress unexpectedly disappeared from show business.

The Swallow had a different idea of ​​life. I decided to emigrate

It has been speculated that the decision was motivated by shame due to the many nude scenes in the film. Others have claimed that at a young age she was unable to handle the media attention. In fact, she went to Paris to pursue her dreams of becoming a model. Years later, in the weekly magazine This Is Life, she admitted that her departure also had a second bottom.

The death of a loved one was a blow to her. The decision to leave was a form of therapy

Years after her appearance in the film, Agnieszka Jaskółka revealed the tragedy she faced at the time.

When I was 17 years old, my mother was killed in a robbery at our home. My sister and I were devastated and depressed. So going abroad was a form of escapism

She confesses a hidden secret years later.

Unfortunately, modeling also turned out to be a far cry from the ideas Agnieszka had about a modeling career. Unethical proposals received more often than posts in commercials or filming. – Girls who leave in their teens often don’t realize what awaits them – She said.

watching video
The history of the creation of “Operation Samum” is amazing. This is a story about how the Poles achieved the impossible

Travel beyond love. The swallow began to study it

The next breakthrough in her life was a trip to the United States with her lover. While working in the United States, she decided to start her studies, and her choice fell on law, which she successfully completed. In 2009, she returned to her home country and planned to reinvigorate the profession that had been abandoned years ago. She played an episode in Now or Never!, and later appeared in Cezary Pazura’s directorial debut.

Agnes Jaskowka East News

In 2010, she reminded viewers of herself by participating in the twelfth edition of Dancing with the Stars, where she partnered with Rafael Masirak. The dancing couple called the program in the second episode. She was last seen in 2014 during a digital reconstruction of the movie “Psy”. After this incident, she was never heard from again. Life away from the spotlight seems to give her satisfaction.

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