Maciej Zakościelny returns in a new movie.  He will perform alongside many stars

Maciej Zakościelny At the beginning of the century, he starred in almost every romantic comedy. Polish women sighed eagerly at him and he was at the peak of his popularity. Over time, he withdrew from public life. He began to appear on photographic sets less and less. Since 2014, he has been associated with Paulina WiccaWho bore him two sons. At the end of June 2016, Boris was bornWhich the actor showed on Instagram just a few months after his birth. on the other side In 2018, the couple’s second son was bornAlex.

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Maciej Zakościelny in the new movie

A trailer for a new Polish comedy has already appeared on the Internet. Movie “Where the devil cannot send the child there” It is the behind-the-scenes talk of one of Poland’s greatest fortunes. The cast did not miss Maciej Zakościelny, who performed alongside such famous stars as: Małgorzata KożuchowskaAnd the Agnieszka WiędłochaAnd the Mikai KoterskyAnd the zurocha lift if Paulina Jazka.

Check out the trailer for the latest production:

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