June 5, 2023


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“The Clone Wars” – the actors talk about the eighth season of the series

Three years ago, in its recent boom, they returned to broadcasting Clone Wars. The series was originally canceled in 2013. Available at Disney + So the last twelve episodes have been a real celebration for fans star Wars. Especially since the seventh season of the cartoon was excellent. But it’s hard not to ask yourself a question “what if…?”. Thanks to recent statements from the voice actors, we can learn that the alternate reality the series has been in for longer isn’t that far off.

Dee Bradley Baker (clones) f James Arnold Taylor Obi-Wan Kenobi attended Emerald City Comic Con. According to the portal directDuring the event, the cast revealed that Clone Wars It was developed early. Thanks to this, the artists were able to record their lines not only until the incomplete sixth season and the cancellation of the seventh season of the series. The work was so advanced that even the eighth had already been built.

DBB: How far have we come? We started Season 8 before they pulled the plug?

He. She: Yes, we were teetering on that borderline. Lots of material has been recorded. George Lucas initially said he wanted to do 300 episodes Clone Wars.

Currently – after the broadcast of the last season – the series includes 134 episodes. It is difficult to say whether the creators managed to make the other 166 as originally intended George Lucas. Even the creation of the eighth season, which, according to the actors, began to be recorded a long time ago, will be a real treat for fans. Unfortunately, these stories are no longer available. Clone Wars However, they did not completely disappear and continued, among other things, in rebelscurrently in lousy bunchAnd the threads of some of the heroes will move to the ground in the live-action series.

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