June 7, 2023


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Shakira and Gerard Pique: Thanks for the extraordinary jam consumption

After rumors of infidelity, singer Shakira and footballer Gerard Piqué ended their relationship in June 2022 after 12 years of union, from which their two children, Sasha and Milan, were born.

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Jam story must have tipped the Colombian singer off about the infidelity, at least that’s what TV channel Telesino reported.

In fact, Shakira says she noticed jam jars emptying at an unusual rate, especially since her ex-wife was the only one who regularly consumed it.

Curious and suspicious, the translator wondered to himself: “Who comes to my house to eat kilo jam?”.

“I was going to the fridge to find out the truth,” Shakira told Britain’s This Morning.

To confirm any suspicions, she decides to hire a private detective.

An investigation reveals that the former FC Barcelona player was actually having an affair with another woman, Clara Marti, who was also convicted of the disappearance of the jam jars.

According to reports from Ahora and Vanity Fair

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