sensation.  The pole came out hard

Matthews Trek was unbeaten in the professional rings, but that changed at the Nosalowy Dwór KNB 25 concert in Zakopane. Leonard Carrillo hit the pole in an effective way.

David Frank

Matthews Trek has been sent to the boards

Twitter / TVP Sport / Mateusz Tryc sent to the boards

Matthews Trek (14-1, 7 KO) was undoubtedly the favorite in the match against Leonard Carrillo (16-4, 15 KO). Join this duel as an undefeated boxer. He won the first round, although a few hits from the opponent could have made an impression. Thus, the rest of the fight could have been viewed with a bit of anxiety.

However, perhaps not even the greatest of pessimists expected Trek to get out of the second round. Carrillo hit the pole with his left hook.

Trek landed on the boards, but at first it looked like he’d be able to continue the duel. In the end, however, the rivalry ceased.

Pole, a super middle-class boxer, had to swallow a bitter pill. Fortunately, the other Biao-Czerwoni did a great job. They won their battles, among others Krzysztof Włodarczyk and Adam Balski.

Watch Trek-Carrillo’s knockout exit

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