I gave up alcohol for two years.  What did you do for me?

  • The first month without alcohol was marked by drinking hectoliters of tea. I didn't have the slightest desire to drink any alcohol. Maybe because it was a cold January
  • Meanwhile, I also quit smoking. Well, this drug is not attractive without the company of alcohol
  • It wasn't always rosy. Without cigarettes I was a bit nervous, and my hands were “flying”. What can I do: I consciously entered into another addiction – I bought a road bike
  • I expected difficulties during my vacation in Italy, as there were many temptations. It turns out it's entirely possible. I was not tempted by the extremely low prices for bottles of alcohol in discount stores
  • During these 700+ days, I only had the overwhelming feeling of wanting to drink a cold, delicious beer a few times, but with each passing week the desire became less and less.
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