"Radio is a refuge": Joel Le Picot bows

It was a difficult and moving meeting for a journalist who received radio Life raft of a lifetime. Cozy, warm place where he could be as he wished.

The radio was a refuge.

A quote Joel Le Picot during the last broadcast of “Saturday and nothing else”

At 76, the senior player on the wave, he completed 24 years of folding in animation. Saturday and nothing else.

Web light

Listen to Joel Le Picot’s latest show Saturday and nothing else, Click here.

As Numeris polls in recent years have shown, his show is one of the Cubs’ favorites.

Joel Le Picot was able to capture the attention of the audience by hosting his performances in a joyful and harmonious atmosphere, reflecting his excellent culture and interest in the French language.

Joël Le Bigot in the animation of the special show “CBF bonjour”

Photo: Radio-Canada

I have kept this curious surprise for the rest of my life that one can speak into a microphone and hear people.

A quote Joel Le Picot during the last broadcast of “Saturday and nothing else”

The radio giant has sent his last-minute message of love to his audience in the air, which in his opinion must succeed in the desire to amass greater wealth.

Fernand Seguin and Joel Le Picot hosted the September 8, 1977 performance of “La Science at Wise”.

Photo: Radio-Canada / M. Sauvageau

When you reach the final stage of life, without 36 beds to sleep in, you only notice the love of people and children.He explained.

An adventurer in the air like life, Joel Le Picot did not forget to give one last piece of advice to the younger generation: There is still time to pick you up Bundle by bundle Go on your shoulder and see the world.

After 45 years on Radio-Canada Radio, Joel Le Picot is retiring. Carolyn Lacroix spoke to him shortly before her last show.

Radio and the sea

Joël Le Bigot is a prominent figure in Radio-Canada. It has been based in Chicoutimi since 1967.

In 1977 he became known as a radio presenter through the show Hello CBFAn important morning daily from the public broadcast he has hosted for 19 years.

Joel Le Picot on a microphone during the “CBF bonjour” on September 5, 1979

Photo: Radio-Canada / Jean-Pierre Corsenti

Born in France, Joel Le Picot arrived in Quebec at a very young age by boat and was interested in the sea with his work as a journalist.

In 1984, he participated in the Transat Quebec-Saint-Malo race aboard the Radio-Canada.

Joel Le Picot sailed with the famous French navigator Eric Tabarley on the Cote d’Or.

Photo: Christian February

After a world tour, the host returned to leadership in 1998 Saturday and nothing else. That same year, he added the show to his schedule Why not SundayUntil 2011 he was captain.

To do Notice of his departureIn May, Joel Le Picot explained that he wanted to travel to new frontiers while he was still alive. The master of his life. He did not want to Wait until life decides [lui] When he had to hang up the microphone.

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