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Let’s face it: parenting is tough. Many adult problems come from childhood. Even seemingly perfect homes leave adults unhappy. These are people who find it difficult to trust others, set very high standards for themselves all the time, or on the contrary – are afraid to take action. Do you feel you are one of them? Check out the things worth working on from your past today at the psychiatrist’s office.

Psychological problems that may appear in childhood

negative body image

According to research in the Archives of Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine, mothers who are very concerned about their weight pass on the same uncertainty to their children. These are basically girls who look at their bodies with a critical eye when they grow up. If the ideal and loving mother in their eyes is not happy with her appearance, why do they think she looks good? Therefore, the best thing we can do for our children is Positive attitude towards the body And take care of yourself.

Inability to express feelings

The world, especially in times of war, may seem like a terrifying place to live. Many adults do not know how Explain difficult events to our children. We worry about saying the wrong thing, but the real parenting mistake is to avoid inappropriate topics.

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