Pixar has plans for the future.  The Incredibles and Nemo will return for a sequel!

Like Marvel Studios, Pixar has experienced a major crisis since the outbreak of the pandemic. The films either immediately hit the streaming platform Disney+ or flopped at the international box office. For this reason, the studio is working on a strategy that will help rebuild its reputation and generate profit. It was planned to focus mainly on stories known to viewers. Except for the occasional one I can not believe thatPixar noted great potential for a sequel or reboot. The Incredibles And Where is Nemo? They seem like perfect candidates.

Pixar is planning the return of The Incredibles and Nemo

Jim Morris, CEO of Pixar, spoke about these plans in an interview with Bloomberg. He explained that the studio plans to produce an average of three films every two years. Every other title will serve as a sequel or spin-off, but there will be room for standalone concepts or potential seeds for a new series. Compared to previous years, we can expect more content from Pixar, which has so far released at most one film per year.

Morris also admitted that the story of Nemo and The Incredibles They have the greatest ability to develop their plots.

-Where have we not been in the ocean before? It’s a huge space. There are a lot of possibilities there. We’re kind of hunting (laughter).

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