April 1, 2023


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Scandal after the match Legia – Widzew.  Horrific scenes in the stands [WIDEO] soccer

Scandal after the match Legia – Widzew. Horrific scenes in the stands [WIDEO] soccer

“First, the torches on the roof of the pitch and the venue. Then the fastest goal Legia has scored in the league this season. It wasn’t enough, because although Costa Roniago went ahead twice on Friday, they also lost the lead. Twice: 2 and are already losing nine points to leader Raco Sport.pl journalist Bartłomiej Kubiak wrote about Friday’s classic of the Ekstraklasa.

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There was no shortage of emotions on the field, and a heated atmosphere reigned in the stands. After all, Legia’s great rival, Widzew Łódź, came to Łódź for the first time in almost ten years, more precisely since the first round of the 2013/14 season, when Legia defeated Łódź as much as 5: 1. More than 27,000 spectators They sat in the stands.

Riots after the Legia – Widzew match. One of the fans fell off the platform [WIDEO]

Unfortunately, Friday’s match ended in scandal. Several minutes after the meeting, a group of Legia hooligans jumped out of the “Żyleta” and attacked several people with Widzew’s hood. There was a quarrel and struggle between them, until security intervened. As the attackers began to flee, one of them fell off the platform. After a while, he got up on his own, but after a few minutes I heard a siren outside the stadium.

He raced off the rooftop, the crowd, cheering. Legia had been waiting for such a match for almost 10 years

After Friday’s draw, Legia Warszawa, who are second in the table with 42 points, are already nine points behind leaders Raku Czestochowa. Lodz Widzo, with 36 points, advanced to third place for at least several dozen hours.

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