KSW 64. Marius Budzjanovsky did not know who he would fight.  was nervous

  • At the KSW 59 concert, Marius Bodzjanovsky was fighting Senegalese idol Cyrine Ousmane Dia, the famous “Bombardier”. The latter, however, had appendicitis a few hours before the celebration
  • – I was indifferent to everything, I did not know who, what, how and where? I had the right to refuse, but I finally went to the cage – he told Polsat “Pudzian”, revealing behind the scenes in the last moments
  • In the end, the opponent was literally about three hours before the fight. The opponent of “Bodzian” was Nikola Milanovic, who ate 12 eggs for breakfast that day
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On March 20, at the Wytwórnia Club in لودód, the KSW 59 concert was held, where Mariuss Bodzjanovsky and Serene Ousmane Dia, better known as “Senegalese Bombardier”, were due to face the Battle of the Evening.

Dia is a true legend in his country, only the president is more famous than him. In Senegal, a possible first mixed martial arts fight for “Bombardier” aroused great interest. When the KSW team came to Africa to record the fencing announcement, they were greeted by crowds of fans at the airport.

Ousmane Dia is best known for his successes in Senegalese wrestling, a sport that is a national specialty there, which he worshiped more than football (Read more). The best fighters are real stars, earn big money, and before each fight they undergo rituals that protect them from black magic.

Bombardier has achieved everything in his country, he was an unbeatable competitor. There were no candidates who could threaten him even in the slightest. The lack of competition prompted him to embark on the deep waters of mixed martial arts.

“He’s an elephant and I’m a lion”

The Senegalese delegation managed to arrive in Poland a few days before the main event. The giant with a weight of more than 150 kilograms made an impression on KSW fans, and the clash with “Pudzian” was even more exciting.

Despite Bombardier’s inexperience in mixed martial arts, Marius Budzyanovsky felt great respect for him. – He’s a big farmer, two meters tall. For the first three minutes, Godzilla will be dangerous and I will have to run. I must be dumb to catch him and crowd him. He’s an elephant and I’m a lion. The elephant chases the lion, and the lion runs away, but at some point the lion may jump on its back and kill the elephant – as he said before the fight in an interview with Polsat Sport Pudzianowski.

New discount eat 12 eggs

Saturday, March 20, the day of the KSW 59 concert. The drama begins. In the afternoon hours, an ambulance arrives at the DoubleTree by Hilton Łódź hotel, where the players have been stationed. It turned out that Bombardier had health problems. It can’t be made to be in good shape to start a fight. Zia’s official departure from the confrontation with “Bodzian” was announced… 30 minutes before the concert. However, the search for a new competitor to the former strongman began a little earlier.

Proposals to fight were received not only by contestants, but also by people associated with the world of MMA, who could be the size of Pudzianowski. Originally, Thomas Narmo, then-future potential rival Izu Ogunoha, initially agreed. After a while, he withdrew from his decision.

In the end, he signed… Nikola Milanovic, a Serbian who lives in Poland, is a daily judoka player, FAME MMA bodyguard and friend of Marcin Gortat. The former NBA star stood in the corner of the rookie player. – At first I thought it was a joke. I agreed, but I made a mistake in the morning because I ate 12 eggs, so I ate at least two – said Milanovich with a smile on his lips.

What was Marius Budzyanovsky going through during his nervous time looking for an opponent? – I was surprised. Three months of hard work will go into the woods. The first opponent agreed, but watched some fights and said that he was not fighting. Then the air panted again. Then the chiefs rose to the occasion and found a contender for the third time. I was indifferent to everything, I did not know who, what, how and where? I had the right to refuse, but in the end I went to the cage – he said in an interview with Polsat Sport.

Pudzian faced a similar situation before KSW 40 in Ireland, where he learned the day before the party that his opponent James McSweeney would miss and that Jay Silva would come in his place. In the lodge, at that time, there was little knowledge of the enemy, or in fact, it was not at all.

Hold the net?

And the confrontation with Milanovic lasted 72 seconds, and its course was very surprising. The Serb wanted to overthrow Podzjanovsky, who defended himself by instinctively grabbing the net and helping himself in it. Thanks to this, the former strong world champion avoided falling and attacked Milanovic with a barrage of blows. The referee was forced to stop the duel.

Nikola’s popularity has grown significantly since then. Thanks to his friendly behavior, he earned the appreciation of fans. Since he often appears on one screen with FAME MMA stars as a bodyguard, his fan base is growing day by day. We may see him in a cage again in the near future.

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