Sanchez suspends his duties as Prime Minister of Spain!

Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez temporarily suspended his duties as head of government in connection with the corruption scandal involving his wife Begona Gomez. On Wednesday, a court in Madrid began an investigation against her.

In a message delivered on Wednesday evening, he confirmed that he had canceled all meetings scheduled for the coming days.

The leader of the Spanish Socialist Party, Sanchez, explained in a “message to citizens” on Wednesday that his temporary removal from politics was linked to “attacks” against him and his wife. He stressed that he was convinced that Begona Gomez had not committed any wrongdoing.

It is likely that the accusations against his wife are related to the political conflict, as the report in this case was submitted by the anti-corruption organization Chesti Reis (Manos Limpias), which he described as “extreme right-wing.”

Fox attack

In the letter, Sanchez accused right-wing politicians, People's Party leader Albert Nunez Viejo, and Vox Party leader Santiago Abascal, of participating in a witch-hunt against him and his wife by fueling the media campaign. .

Mr. Feijoo has already complained to the Conflict of Interest Office regarding this matter, and has requested that I be banned from performing public functions for a period of 5-10 years.

– Prime Minister Sanchez wrote, adding that the authorities of this institution rejected this request.

He added that because of the attack on his private life, he currently needs a break “to think about what to do next.” He said he would say by Monday whether he would continue to lead the government formed after the July 23, 2023 elections. This is Sanchez's third government.

Investigation of the Prime Minister's wife!

On Wednesday morning, a court in Madrid began an investigation against the wife of Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez, regarding her alleged involvement in corruption and the use of political influence. Begona Gomez was supposed to develop her business activities thanks to them.

The main accusations against the Prime Minister's wife, who holds the position of Director of the Master of Science in Management of Competitive Social Transformation at the Complutense University of Madrid, focus on the case of the consulting company belonging to Carlos Barabés, which was supporting the ministry headed by the Prime Minister. Begona Gomez for years.

According to the findings of the daily newspaper El Mundo, the Spanish judicial system is also investigating the support allegedly provided by Begona Gomez to Globalia in receiving 600 million euros from the Sánchez government to support the airline Air Europa.

Sánchez, head of Spain's Socialist Workers' Party, took power in 2018, shortly after a vote of no confidence in the Chamber of Deputies, the lower house of parliament, against the government of Mariano Rajoy. This was contributed to by a corruption scandal involving some people from the leadership of the People's Party, which Rajoy led at the time.


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