Media: Germany has acquired one of the largest luxury yachts in the world

Despite efforts described by the FBI as “hiding foreign affairs”, this has been provenThe owner of the yacht is Usmanov’s sister, Gulbakhur Ismailova.

Dilbar luxury yacht Therefore it is subject to legal penalties and can be legally confiscated in Hamburg” – BKA reported in a tweet. Bloomberg quoted the opinion of a BKA spokesperson (previously quoted by Deutsche Presse-Agentur), who stressed that the yacht could not be “sold, leased or mortgaged as security.”

Usmanov She is the owner of a group of shares in USM, a Russian investment group that owns shares in Metalloinvest – one of the world’s largest iron ore producers. He also owns shares in the telecommunications company MegaFon. there The sixth richest Russian, with a net worth of $19 billionAccording to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index. The yacht was named after his mother.

Dilbar measures 156 metersIt is the sixth longest yacht in the world and the third largest in terms of capacity. At the beginning of March, Dilbar was in the port of Hamburg, where he was undergoing a renovation. According to the US Treasury, its value fluctuates between $600 and $750 million. The unit has a 25-meter swimming pool and two helipads.

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