Samuel Pereira comments on the video presenting the results of the work of the so-called Smolensk Subcommittee

In this material for the subcommittee, it is also important to honor the pilots, the Polish pilots who did nothing wrong, who were in service, and their families who really survived the hard work – Samuel Pereira said at TVP Info, commenting on the video presentation of the results of the work of the subcommittee To re-investigate the air accident in Smolensk. The head of the TVP Info portal emphasized that the media had a big role in the Smolensk tragedy.

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Some adults today were several years old on the day of the disaster. For many of us it was a traumatic experience, even witnessing the details of this disaster, and hearing it must have been difficult – it must have been more difficult for the families (the people who died in the accident – editor) and it must be more than that. It’s hard to hear these lies again. 12 years later – said in a discussion after the film presented the results of the work of the so-called Smolensk subcommittee, head of the TVP information portal, Samuel Pereira.

As Pereira emphasized, the media played and continues to play a major role in this tragic event. There is one station that has consistently decided – even after Russia’s aggression against Ukraine – to defend the lies of Anodina and Jerzy Miller. Defending what Jerzy Miller said: “There has to be a unified message with the Russians,” he said.

– I think that today it is easier for young people to read certain things when they look at how the Russian media or the Belarusian media manipulated reality during the operation on the border, carried out this pro-Russian propaganda, and they can see by comparison how the Smolensk issue was faced – Added TVP Info portal.

The journalist gave some examples of the behavior of some media outlets that shaped public opinion in the so-called catastrophe. – When about 120 scientists appeared at the “Smolensk Conference” during the scientific work, one of them showed the operator of the TVN camera (photographed by him – editor’s note) to stop it, because he was speaking in some special situation and TVN made it a serial over several days with a title, he recalls saying: “He threatened our worker by killing.”

– I once wanted to ask President Bronislaw Komorowski whether he, as Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces, intended to defend General Pasek, who had been publicly humiliated – a Polish general, as well as NATO. A journalist standing right next to me, eagerly interviewing Donald Tusk today, personally silenced me while asking questions. That was the climate, said Pereira.

As the journalist mentioned “content” if we don’t arrive, it will kill us “distributed by TVN – an unconfirmed slot, with a single source.” He also referred to a number of other disinformation campaigns, such as rumors spread on social media, whose source was “political.” Important in the field of politics, recently the leader of this party”, or even “the famous text messages revealed by the late. General Petelicki that one of the established facts is the fault of the pilots – they got it wrong.

– In this Subcommittee article it is also important to honor the pilots, the Polish pilots who did nothing wrong in any way, who were in service, and whose families really survived the hard work. Families of pilots and generals – I am talking about some of these families, of course, because others also experienced a great tragedy, but for the Polish state it is a historical tragedy for various reasons, both when it comes to the so-called Smolensk disaster, but also in Smolensk, what the media did. He concluded that this was a topic worthy of separate discussion.

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