Anthony will protect you!  A band from Barricks vs. Skiba from Big Cyc.  See who is right!  (Movie)

The legendary Kapela nad Barycz cassette tapes were sought after from Odolanów near Ostrów in the 1990s after they were widely forged by pirates and even sold in Germany. Their urban folk talked about the highway in Ostrow, the history of the ZNTK factory with its pre-war pedigree, or the famous party street Kolejowa. Bogusław “Bulaj” Cebulski, the leader of the division, is the grandson of a rebel in Greater Poland and a participant in the Polish-Bolshevik War.

Skiba of Big Cyca, Macierewicz attacked in his song, repeating TVN’s propaganda: “Who sees the Taliban? / Who asks Martians for help? / Who robs NATO offices / For whom everything smells of treachery?”.

A band of Barić responds to him by telling him what the politicians he supports have done with the army: “They didn’t care about Poland, they didn’t defend our borders/ They disarmed the Polish nation, they squandered our property/ Instead of tanks and missiles, markets and markets/ They disbanded the Polish army that will protect you today, O Poland?” It’s “Anthony”.

As the interviewer asserts, after Russia’s attack on Ukraine, El Llamos finds it logically difficult to justify why she called Macierewicz an “eccentric”.

Test it on friends. Macierewicz worst freak? Well, and the territorial defense forces, to which Ukraine is now bent, is it good or bad? No, it’s good, but other than that, weird. Show. And the fact of the liquidation of WSI, trained in Moscow? Can you imagine now that the Russians are doing what they are doing, and we have WSI? So is it good or bad? Good. But other than that, shit. And that he was bringing American troops into Poland, is that okay? No, the American forces are fine. But other than that, it’s nonsense. And so we got to Smolensk, and most Poles began to agree that it was no unfortunate coincidence

– said the host of the program Piotr Lisiewicz.

The conversation and Capella’s clash over Parrish with Skiba can be seen below, a song in defense of Macierewicz from the 29th minute:


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