Film Ania Anna Przybylska Jarosław Bieniuk . Family Film Premiere

The first parts of the picture were revealed during the 50th Wokół Kina Forum in Wroclaw and – as the creators say – made an interesting impression, both on representatives of the industry and on the family. Then it was announced that Anya would The festive cinema premiere on October 5On the eighth anniversary of the death of the actress. Two days later, the picture will be shown in cinemas throughout Poland. Producer – Polish TV – It is not excluded that over time it will depend on a cinematic production A string will also be createdThat will hit the small screens. – But about that Certainly it is too early to speak – One of the people working on “Ania” tells us anonymously.

In the documentary – A Galaxy of Actors

In the parts presented to the film industry, a galaxy of Polish actresses and actors appeared. Anna Przybylska is mentioned among others Jan Englertalong with her first appearance in Radosław Piwowarski’s The Dark Side of Venus, Cesare Bazorawith whom Przybylska played in the comedy “Kariera Nikosia Dyzma”, as well as the actors of the series “Złotopolscy”: Paweł WawrzeckiAnd the Anna Deriszowska And the Peter Zuydis. It is also known that they will appear in a movie about Anna Przybylska Michael Chybrowski, Bowie Malaczynski (“Eagle”) and also a singer Andrzej Piaseczny And the actress Katarzyna Bojakevich.

Anna Przybylska’s family was present during the premiere. Mother Christina, daughter Olivia and partner Jaroslav Penyuk. Kristina Przybylska did not hide her feelings: – I am glad that this film is being made and I am glad that it is a document and not a plot – she said during the meeting after the screening. Olivia Pennock She added that the film would be a “touching keepsake” for her family. Especially for siblings who have little memory of their mother. – When Anya died, the boys were very young, especially Zhao – added Kristina Przybylska, visibly.

Basis: family trust in creators

film makers – Christian Kochkowski and Michał Bandurski – thanked the family for their trust and openness. – We wanted to show in this film the source of the Anna Przybylska phenomenon. Because, in our opinion, Anya was a phenomenon, she was a phenomenon – says Kochkovsky. – This is a film about Anya, but also about people who got something wonderful from Anya – adds Bandorsky.

The producer of the movie is Polish TV. – The situation in cinemas after the epidemic is difficult, in addition to that our film is a document and not a plot, but we believe in this project and that the audience will return to cinemas in the fall. This film is worth it – confirmed in an interview with Paweł Gajewskiproduct photos.

The creators and producers of “Ania” also produced two more documentaries on TVP: “Krzysztof Krawczyk – my whole life” and “Maryla”. I like it very much.

*Images used in the text are taken from the first screenshots of “Ani”.

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