The minimum wage is rising in the Netherlands.  Here is how much you will earn

The Dutch budget for 2023 was revealed on Tuesday. The government’s plans include raising the minimum wage by 10%. – Bloomberg reports. It is currently €1,756.20 per month for those aged 21 or over (For younger people, the amount is much lower: 20-year-olds receive at least 1404.95 euros, 19-year-olds receive 1053.70 euros, and 18-year-olds receive 878.10 euros.) Thus, the announced increase means an increase of 175.62 euros to 1,931.82 euros.

A popular destination for Polish immigration

This is also important information from the point of view of Polish immigrants, who live and work in the Netherlands – as long as, of course, they receive the minimum wage. For those who earn better, this may be an argument that makes it easier to apply for a raise. For comparison: in Poland, as of January 1, 2023, the minimum wage should be increased to 3,490 PLN in total, and from July 1 – to 3,600 PLN. Currently, it is PLN 3010.

After Great Britain left the European Union, The Netherlands is becoming a more popular destination for Polish economic immigration, Although it was eagerly chosen before.

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According to the ARC Rynek i Opinia study, commissioned by Gi Group, published around August 18% of Poles are considering economic migration within the next year. They remain the most chosen trend Germany This country was identified by 31.9 percent of people considering leaving (33.2% a year ago). The Netherlands came in second with an interest rate increase of 15.8 per cent. In 2021 to 17.9 per cent. this year. A decrease in interest was recorded in the case of Great Britain (from 9.4% last year to 6.4% currently).

According to data published on the Polish government’s website, more than 300,000 Poles live and work in the Netherlands.

Holland fights inflation

The Dutch government also announced on Tuesday that it plans to raise taxes on corporate profits and provide an aid package worth 17.2 billion euros For families dealing with the effects of jogging inflation In August, it was 13.6 percent.

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