Sam Smith broke down in tears in the middle of a concert in Montreal

Overwhelmed by the crowd’s applause, Sam Smith broke down in tears during his concert at the Bell Center on Saturday evening.

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Crossing the metropolis as part of his “Gloria” tour, the British singer gave the audience a full concert, from his biggest hits including “Stay with me”, “Like I Can” or “Unholy”.

Sam Smith received a standing ovation from the crowd as he sang “Like I Can.”

“Oh my god! I was really trying not to cry, oh my! Thank you so much, thank you so much, wow. You look amazing right now. I have to tell you, I love you too!”

This isn’t the first time famous artists have saluted the unique nature of the crowd in Montreal.

In the comments section of the video posted by user @mikechaar on TikTok, netizens pointed out the human nature of the artist.

“I cried with him. It was a golden moment! We always show our love for Montreal,” shares one woman.

“Such a beautiful evening!!! We had so much fun and he puts on a show,” says another user.

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