Saints Row – Free to play on the Epic Games Store.  There is only a little time left

A special event is currently taking place on the digital gaming platform Epic Games Store, thanks to which one title is available for free every day. So far we have received 11 different products and have the opportunity to add another game to the library. It is the fifth installment of Saints Row, and is a kind of reboot of the entire series. There's not much time left, so hurry so you don't miss this promo.

If we haven't had the chance to play the latest Saints Row game yet, this is the perfect opportunity. Production is available for free on the Epic Games Store digital store.

Saints Row - Free to play on the Epic Games Store.  There is only a little time left [1]

Saints Row – One of the biggest disappointments of 2022 could have been very different. Deep Silver's intervention changed everything

We'll only be collecting the game for free until December 31, 2023. At 5pm, another title will be added to the free offer, so our time is very limited. To claim Saints Row and add it to your library, we need to go To this address. Saints Row, although it has the same title as the first game, is the fifth installment in the series. It is a prequel and a kind of reboot of the entire game, which was released in 2022. The production is very similar in terms of mechanics and gameplay to the famous Grand Theft Auto series, but it has a slightly crazier sense of humor.

Saints Row - Free to play on the Epic Games Store.  There is only a little time left [2]

Saints Row – The creators continue to develop their title. This is Doc Ketchum's Murder Circus – the second major expansion and major update

However, while the previous installments were well received, in the case of Saints Row (5), player reviews are mixed. On Steam, positive player ratings from the last 30 days amount to 60%, although in contrast, it can be added that, similarly, in the case of Starfield, this value currently stands at 28%. However, the situation is a little worse when we look at user ratings from Metacritic. In this case, the average rating from all platforms is 3.1/10. However, it's worth checking it out for yourself and forming an opinion about the game – especially since we now have the perfect opportunity to do so.

Source: Epic Games Store

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