The Japanese will build a base on the moon with artificial gravity

The Japanese from Kyoto Uniersytet and Kajima Corporation have such amazing plans. Designers and engineers introduced the concept of the first Lunar bases with artificial gravity. This means that colonists will be able to live in it in conditions similar to those on Earth. This will make it easier for them to perform their daily tasks and have a positive effect on their physical condition.

In the rendered animation, we can see a glass object in continuous motion and making four complete revolutions in one minute. As scientists explain, such a rapid transformation Allows you to create centrifugal force To get “natural oomph”.

Yusuke Yamashiki, director of SIC’s Center for Human Cosmology at Kyoto University, admitted during the presentation that “there is no similar agenda in space exploration programs in other countries.” Therefore, the Japanese concept must be unique on a global scale, just like Vehicles built to explore the moon From Toyota or Lexus.

Unfortunately, scientists from the Land of the Rising Sun do not hide that plans to build a huge structure will last for almost 100 years. However, there is a possibility that a smaller test version of this thing will appear in 2050 on the natural satellite of our planet. The Japanese want to show the whole world that their country will dominate the universe in matters Latest Technology Solutions.

Interestingly, the engineers from Uniersytet in Kyoto and the Kajima companies eventually intend to build two large companies. Objects with artificial gravityone whose name is lunar glass It will be intended for use on the Silver Globe, and at the same time, Mars Glass, as the name implies, will appear on the Red Planet.

As space tourism becomes more popular, there must be ways to “reduce the effects of certain factors on the health of people on the Moon or Mars, which may be caused by reduced gravity, among other factors.” Research by NASA shows that prolonged periods of weightlessness not only lead to a loss of bone and muscle mass, but can also occur. In astronauts, micro-strokes or circulatory problems.

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