Something mysterious is happening on Venus.  Volcanic activity has been detected

Venus is Earth’s closest neighbor, but it’s a hellish world with surface temperatures exceeding 400 degrees Celsius. This world is also surrounded by dense clouds, making it difficult to explore the planet. Scientists say so Volcanic activity still occurs thereas evidenced by research conducted on data collected in the 1990s.

The planet was previously explored in the early 1990s Magellan orbit. The mission took several years and was able to collect data that was subjected to new analyses. probe Shown changes on the surface of Venus Scientists are almost certain why it happens.

Scientists say Venus Not only are they still volcanically active, but these are also processes that occur globally on the planet. Beneath the surface of this world, it may be boiling with lava seeping out.

A team led by geologist Davide Solcanese of the University of D’Annunzio in Italy found that Venus has exhibited Earth-like volcanic activity over the past 180 million years. The process is continuing, as confirmed by radar research.

Venus has a lot in common with Earth. The planets are similar in size, but both worlds went through different changes that led to the existing differences. The pressure at the surface is 90 times greater than our pressureTemperatures are 30 times higher.

The very thick atmosphere makes it difficult to see the surface. The situation here is very different from that on Mars, which is already well known. However, data from the Magellan probe showed that in 1991, the shape of a particular volcanic vent on Venus changed within a few months. Close examination of the details of the radar surveys revealed similar changes between 1990 and 1992 in two other areas. According to current knowledge, this was caused by lava flows.

Our neighbor constantly worries scientists, which is why more missions to Venus are planned. Including one organized by the private sector. The project is being prepared by Rocket Lab in collaboration with scientists from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. They want to send a probe that will closely examine this world’s atmosphere and also look for biosignatures of life. This will be done by a ship called Venus Life Finder. In addition, NASA is preparing two missions. We’re talking about DaVinci and Veritas.


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