"Mogę zatrudnić Marokańczyków, ale nie Słowaków". Szef Ryanaira krytykuje brexit

2022-07-22 09:00

2022-07-22 09:00

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“They get work visas for Moroccans without any problems, and I can’t legally hire Italians or Slovaks,” said Michael O’Leary, Ryanair’s president. At the same time, he called on the British government to adopt a more pragmatic approach to visa policy after Brexit. In the context of the chaos prevailing in UK airports, this statement put a stick in an anthill.

Michael O’Leary, known for his controversial statements, this time decided to criticize the London government, which – in his opinion – hinders the recruitment of workers from the European Union. In a confrontation Dantesque scenes that are happening recently at British airports, such as long hours of baggage waiting, and plane delays, which means that even though passengers are already in their seats, they must leave the planeor present According to the airport limits for passengersThese words sound especially bitter. In his view, the government wants companies to invest in British workers.

I can employ thousands of people in Portugal, Italy, France or Germany for the same wages I pay my British employees. The snag is that I can’t give them a job in Great Britain – he explained in an interview BBC Radio 4. – And we have a strange situation where I can get UK visas to fill my cabin crew with Moroccans, but I can’t get the same visas for Portuguese, Italians or Slovaks. “We need more common sense and practicality in the way we implement Brexit,” he said.

In his opinion, easing the visa policy could help fill the staffing shortage, and thus – at least partially alleviate the disruptions you are currently feeling at domestic airports.

There are simply not enough people in the UK willing to do these jobs, especially during peak periods like holidays. He added that difficulties in recruitment are most noticeable in the southeast of the country at Gatwick, Heathrow and Manchester airports.

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Earlier, O’Leary was clear against Brexit, but stated that he respected the decision to leave the EU.

Downing Street responded in a statement to the allegations. “Leaving the EU has enabled us to offer a points-based immigration system and we want employers to make long-term investments in the UK’s local workforce.”

It is worth noting that among the airlines, Ryanair has so far recorded the fewest number of disruptions and flight cancellations compared to other European airlines. In the past six months, O’Leary has canceled 0.3 percent. compared to 3.5%. British Airways and 2.8 Easyjet (data from OAG consultancy).


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