December 9, 2022


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Leroy Merlin's next problem.  Goods from Russia and Belarus are marked as Polish

Leroy Merlin’s next problem. Goods from Russia and Belarus are marked as Polish

The company announced that it would end cooperation with suppliers from Russia and Belarus due to the war in Ukraine. But the French network’s problems did not end there. Last week, activists from the nationalist boycott group Leroy Merlin warn that Chain stock does not indicate that Belarusian and Russian goods will be out soon. Which was supposed to mean either bad sales or new deliveries.

According to the decision in March, after cutting off cooperation with suppliers from Russia and Belarus We only sell products that have been delivered and ordered before March 2022– Magdalena Kołodziejska, a spokeswoman for Leroy Merlin, replied to But it didn’t end there either.

Russian councils suddenly became Polish

OBLM activists said over the weekend that the chain had begun changing descriptions of the products’ origin from Russia. It was presented as Polish. An example is the goods of the Russian company Ultralam, which offers for example OSB plates.

“The company itself does not recognize that it suddenly became a Polish company and still states on its website that it is a Russian company that produces in Russia” – reports the “National Polish District of Leroy Merlin”, accusing the French chain of falsifying labels and misleading consumers .

A spokeswoman for Leroy Merlin, referring to the “nationality change” of the products, responded to that There was an error on the part of the employee. However, the case had already had a wide resonance.

Commercial Inspection Will Verify Leroy Merlin

Magdalena Kołodziejska also confirmed that incorrectly labeled product descriptions It has already been corrected and now contains real information. “We are very sorry for the emergence of such a situation, it should not have happened. Our goal was not to mislead anyone” – he argues.

The matter will be clarified by the commercial inspection. As I was informed, for several days she has been checking signals about products from Russia and Belarus, the origin of which is being changed to other products. “We will check market data and take action on an ongoing basis. Signals are also verified with respect to the Leroy Merlin network– UOKiK’s response to the questions of the portal sent questions to Leroy Merlin on this issue. We are waiting for the answer.