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The Russians fired 83 in total missiles Aiming at the territory Ukraine. The anti-aircraft defense was supposed to shoot down 41 of them. The Ukrainians also shot down about 10 Iranian Shahed-136 kamikaze drones, some of which took off from Belarus and some from the occupied territories. Crimea. A video has surfaced on the web showing a Ukrainian soldier firing a racist missile from a grenade launcher.

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Belgrade. Protests in support of Ukraine after Putin announced the annexation of some Ukrainian lands

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Massive attack from Russia. Ukrainian soldier shoots down a missile with the help of a grenade launcher

Ilya Ponomarenko, journalist for the “Kyiv Independent”, posted the video clip showing the impressive movement of one of the Ukrainians. The picture shows a soldier standing alone in a field, pointing a grenade launcher at an incoming Russian missile. Supported by invisible soldiers in the squad. Someone shouts, waiting for the impact of the missile: “Come on, dog, get down.” and fell. Moments later you can see the explosion in the sky and hear the soldiers’ joy. The Russian missile was shot down.

The war in Ukraine. What is known about the Russian attacks [PODSUMOWANIE]

Rocket attack on Kyiv.  Russian propaganda: Ukrainian water stations support the warattack on Kyiv. Kremlin advocate: Ukrainian water stations support the war

Intense Russian missile attack. ‘Ukraine cannot be intimidated’

In response to Monday’s massive Russian missile attack on Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky assured that his country would not succumb to enemy pressure.

Ukraine It is impossible to intimidate him. Instead, we got together more. We are becoming more convinced of the need to destroy terrorists – said the head of state who was attacked by Vladimir Putin. The city of Kyiv, which was destroyed by missiles, can be seen in the background of the video.

On Tuesday morning, the General Staff of the Ukrainian Forces published a map showing the locations of the attacks and the directions from which the missiles and missiles fell on Ukraine. Drones During the last intensive Russian bombing of civilian targets. According to radar reconnaissance data, some missiles or drones that hit targets in western Ukraine passed through the airspace of Moldova.

Ukrainian army In the press release, he emphasized that its air defense still relies on post-Soviet equipment, and that Kyiv is still waiting for deliveries of modern Western equipment to combat air targets. Recently, drones of Iranian production, of which large quantities were purchased, are increasingly problematic for Ukraine Russia.

On Tuesday, the G7 leaders and the President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky, will hold a conference call.


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