Germany suspends Nord Stream 2 certification. "Very difficult days and hours for Europe"

On Tuesday, Spiegel unofficially reported the suspension of certification by the German Economy Ministry. In the afternoon, this was confirmed by Chancellor Olaf Schultz, reporter Anna Widzyk reports.

Asked the Ministry of Economy to withdraw the supply analysis security report from the Federal Network Agency. This sounds technical, but it is such a necessary step that the pipeline cannot be approved now– said Schulze, citing Widzik.

“These are very difficult days and hours for Europe,” the German chancellor stressed. Nearly 80 years after the end of World War II, we are facing a war in Eastern Europe. Our task is to prevent such a catastrophe, he said, and I once again appeal to Russia for help in this.

About the need to suspend Nord Stream 2 certification I mentioned on Tuesday Government spokesman Peter Mueller and Minister of State Assets Jacek Sassen.

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