Russia.  Irkutsk.  Su-30 crash.  Media: Nitrogen can be blamed

Russian media reported that the pilots of the Su-30 fighter, which struck a house in Irkutsk on Sunday, may have passed out during the flight. According to unconfirmed information, there may be nitrogen residues in the pilots’ oxygen device.

Su-30 pilots lost consciousness during the flight – the independent portal Meduza reported on Telegram, citing state media, which, in turn, cited sources in the emergency services. Loss of consciousness could be caused by nitrogen remaining in the pilots’ oxygen system.

According to Medusa, the Russian Investigative Committee had previously announced that two versions of the causes of the accident were being investigated: technical errors and pilot error.

Russian Su-30 plane hit a house in Irkutsk

Multi-role plane in Irkutsk on Sunday Su-30 collapsed on a two-story house. The Russian Emergencies Ministry said the plane crashed during a test flight. Two pilots died. According to the authorities, civilians did not suffer from this disaster.

Another similar incident in a week

October 18 c Su-34 bomber crashthat hit an eight-story apartment building in the city of Yeysk, southwestern Russia, killing 15 people.

Main image source: Environmental Protection Agency / Dmitriy Reznikov

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