Marius Kaminsky on a possible wave of refugees from Ukraine: different scenarios

A TVN24 correspondent was able to get access to the magazine, which shows that Konstanty Radzwick, Mazovia province, sent an “urgent request” on February 9 Addressed to village chiefs, mayors and city chiefs. The letter concerns “a careful analysis and indication of the list of facilities that may be used for possible accommodation of aliens”.

And the head of the Ministry of the Interior and Administration, Mariusz Kaminsky, decided to refer to these reports.

“It is clear that given the situation in Ukraine, we are preparing for different scenarios. Among these scenarios are provincial actions regarding the possible influx of refugees from Ukraine, who, due to the potential conflict, may seek refuge in our country,” wrote in social media Marius Kaminsky. .

Onet Information: Not all local government officials have received such messages

According to our information, the Malopolska voivode, ukasz Kmita, did not issue an order similar to his Mazovian counterpart. At least, it did not reach all local governments. Mayor of Nowy Targ and Mayor of Bukowina Tatrzańska said they had not yet received such letters.

– At the beginning of the year, right after New Year’s Eve, we usually update our crisis management plans in Malopolska, but this is normal every year – Gregors Watica, Mayor of Nowy Targ, told Onet.

Preparing for a wave of refugees? Request voivode to indicate places

“Your priority is to identify centers that can be launched and receive refugees in less than 48 hours. However, please indicate any places that can be opened for refugees in your municipalities, including the time required to launch” – Radzwich wrote.

The buildings to be considered in particular are residence houses, recreation and training centers, hostels, dormitories, hostels, hotels and various halls: recreation, exhibition and sports halls. The following elements should be important in the specificity of the designated premises: the possibility of accommodation, access to sanitary facilities and the possibility of organizing meals.

Mazowieckie Voivode also noted the need to contact entrepreneurs who deal with moving people. “Please treat it as urgent,” Radzwich wrote.

Source: TVN24, Onet, Twitter

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