Russia - exercises in the Black Sea.  More than 30 ships sailed from two ports

Russia continues military exercises in the Black Sea. On Saturday, the press service of the Black Sea Fleet reported that more than 30 Russian ships went to sea. The activities were defined as exercises for the defense of the Crimean coast.

Russian ships that sailed to the Black Sea departed from Novorossiysk, a port in southern Russia, and from Sevastopol in Crimea, which Russia has annexed since 2014.

Russian units sailed to the Black Sea from the ports of Sevastopol and NovorossiyskGoogle Maps

The exercises will be attended by, among others, frigates, missile boats, small missiles, and small amphibious and anti-submarine units. The exercises will be led by Commander of the Black Sea Fleet Igor Osipov.

More than 30 Russian ships went to exercise in the Black SeaReuters

Marine exercises on an unprecedented scale

In January and February of this year, the Russian Armed Forces planned to conduct naval exercises on an unprecedented scale. According to the local navy, they are scheduled to take part in it jointly 140 ships. Maneuvers take place in the Mediterranean, the North Sea and Okhotsk, as well as in the Pacific and Atlantic oceans.

Russia is holding maneuvers at a time of tense relations with Ukraine and the West, which fears a new Russian invasion of Ukraine. Experts in Kiev had previously feared that Russia might use amphibious ships for Possible attack on Ukraine from the sea. In an interview with Radio Swoboda, analysts emphasized that the most likely directions for a possible attack will be the Mariupol and Odessa regions.

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“Exposing what Russia is doing in many theaters of its activities is now underway.”

He was asked about the situation in the Black Sea in the morning “wake up and end of the week”. TVN24 and TVN24 BiS Foreign Portal Services Coordinator Maciej Tomaszewski. Another version of what Russia is doing in many theaters of its activities is underway, that is, a show of force and a demonstration of the possibility of a possible invasion underway. We have a group of ships that came from the Baltic Sea. Of course, these are official exercises, and Moscow states that these are not any preparations for the invasion, which was completely invented by the West in its rhetoric, but it also shows that Ukraine is threatened from the south, he said.

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“The Ukrainian fleet is completely insignificant compared to the Russian fleet,” he added. – It was scaled back after 2014 after the Russians captured Crimea to actually become a Coast Guard, which is still being rebuilt with the help of the West. What the West will send to the Black Sea is severely limited by the possibilities of passage through the Bosphorus, which in turn is governed by international agreements. He explained that Russia here uses a certain advantage that it developed itself during the war with Ukraine.

Russian ships train in the Black Sea Russian Ministry of Defense

Main image source: Reuters

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