RTX Remix really gives a second life to old games.  The effects can be really great

RTX Remix is ​​software that allows you to modify games to implement Ray Tracing and DLSS technologies. We have plenty of options available for beautifying the visual layer, and we’re also able to easily grab resources from different addresses. NVIDIA released the tool to the public just 11 days ago, and we can already see many projects making good use of it. Obviously, old games will soon receive a youthful second.

More and more users are using NVIDIA RTX Remix. We didn’t have to wait long for the effects. There are more and more old games online that look better than ever.

RTX Remix really gives a second life to old games.  The effects can be really great [1]

NVIDIA RTX Remix – The tool’s runtime is now open source

The currently available RTX Remix is ​​not yet a complete product. Although it is still in the development stage and lacks a lot of functions, the effects that it was able to achieve in older games are more than good. In new titles, the use of Ray Tracing technology is often not associated with such a noticeable improvement in quality. It shows its power with hits from the good old days. The implementation of ray tracing greatly improves graphic design. One such example is part of the game from the first Torchlight. Using the aforementioned tool, our compatriot Adam Pasek showed what the game could look like if it was decided to update it using modern technologies. Admittedly, the title looks a lot better, yet its original style is basically intact.

RTX Remix really gives a second life to old games.  The effects can be really great [2]

NVIDIA Ada Lovelace – Gen 3 RT Cores Characteristics and Omniverse RTX Remix Overview

The next item here is Mount & Blade. The production from 2008 has also advanced somewhat in terms of graphics. After “small” corrections with RTX Remix, this title looks much better. However, while the interior of the castle looks really good, the effect wears off when we go outside, as we see missing materials and other faults. This is due to the above software development stage. Not everything is perfect and NVIDIA’s tool needs to improve right now. However, the fact that you can achieve satisfactory results with minimal work is impressive. Below you will find video materials showing the games Torchlight, Mount & Blade, Black Mesa, Fate and The Thing, according to which we can evaluate their new quality.

Source: WCCFTech

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