Roger del Aguila Habasilar announced to be the new host of 2022 |  Instagram |  Raul Romero |  Entertainment |  Performances

He says he came back. In the expected revenue of the competition program that represents the entire generation of youth in the country.

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Roger’s picture is with the following message: “Sure. Roger del Aquila Habalasiler will be the new presenter of 2022, along with former models Talia Estabridis and Tracy Freud.

Despite the news from Roger del Aquila, This announcement has not been verified and may be another joke of Raul Romero’s remembered comrade during the first generation of Habasiller.

That is why it is still a mystery who is the compiler of this updated version of one of the most remembered programs in recent years. So far only that is known Talia Estabridis and Tracy Freud TV will be part of the space.

The return of the Habasilar

It is known that Habasiller will hit the screens in the United States this Monday, January 24 at 7 pm., In the presence of Talia and Tracy; However, no further details are known, causing much anticipation among the audience.

Is the big question of the audience If Raul Romero returns to host the show. So far, the ‘Los I Don’t Dawn’ leader has said that returning to television is not within his plans.

However, there are many followers of Habasila Familiar drivers were assured that the same would not be the case without returning.

Will Katiya Palma also be in Habasil?

A series of rumors and speculations as to who is given The drivers who returned to Habasilar, many thought it was Katia Palma Will be back at the lovely afternoon show.

For now, everything is ‘locked and locked’ and we are all aware of this long-awaited withdrawal only at 7pm on Monday 24th. Habasiller Will it be Roger del Aquila, will it be Katia Palma or will it be Raul Romero?

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